Why are TikTok videos hidden and how to fix it

Sometimes you post videos on your Tik Tok. However, I don’t understand why the video is hidden by Tik Tok. Therefore, if you want to know why Tik Tok videos are hidden, then read this article. Because DownTik will tell you why posting videos on TikTok is hidden. As well as how to fix this situation.

Why are TikTok videos hidden?

There are many people when uploading a video to the Tik Tok application, suddenly the video is hidden without knowing the reason. This is also an extremely common thing, because many people have encountered it. Then the cause of this situation is usually:

  • The person who posted the video to make it private, not to the community
  • The video has content with objectionable content, related to issues such as the sale of weapons, stimulants, banned substances, videos of political attack, 18+, violence, breaking the law, etc.
  • Tik Tok detected videos that infringe on other people’s copyrights and content The
  • The video has a link to another platform. Not that Tik Tok
  • Video is reported by too many people, stolen content from others The
  • Video is posted on the newly created channel, so there is no interaction from the viewers. The
  • The video does not have attractive content to attract viewers.

Above is the reason why posting videos on TikTok is hidden. If your video is also among these, it is not unusual to be hidden. However, you can also fix the error of posting videos on Tik Tok that are hidden. Specifically, please continue to see the article of DownTik below.

The fastest way fix the error of posting hidden Tik Tok videos

When you read this far, you probably already know the reason why TikTok videos are hidden. Then to fix this error, you can try the ways below.

Change privacy for Tik Tok videos

If you are making videos private, there is a high chance that your Tik Tok videos will also be hidden. That’s why you should make your video public for everyone to see. The way to change is also quite simple, when you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: First, you will open the Tik Tok application and then click the Me button in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Step 2: Next, you will select the video you want to make public and then click on the 3 dots
  • Step 3: Then you will select Privacy Settings 🡺 Who Watches This Video 🡺 Everyone is done.

You will edit the video in private mode

Just follow the steps above and you can install community mode for any video you like quite simply.

How to Make Videos Private and Public on TikTok – Downtik.com

Delete hidden videos

If you find the error why Tik Tok videos are hidden in any video. Then you can delete that video immediately and then proceed to repost. Because maybe your video has had a problem, so you can’t post the video the first time.


You can delete the video and repost it

However, if your video violates Tik Tok’s community guidelines, it’s best not to post it on the old account anymore. Because of that, sometimes Tik Tok will always lock your account. But please post in a new account. To see if Tik Tok hides your video one more time or not.

Do not repost other people’s videos

One thing that you should remember when uploading videos to Tik Tok. That is, do not repost other people’s videos. Because of this, it is very easy to infringe copyright as well as receive reports from video owners. This will cause your account to be rated bad by Tik Tok and will definitely review it more carefully.

Instead of posting other people’s videos, you should create your own videos. This will help the situation of being hidden by Tik Tok videos will no longer be.

Creating videos that attract viewers

Copyright infringement is one of the reasons why Tik Tok videos are hidden. That’s why you should create your own unique and attractive videos. To be able to attract more viewers and sometimes even trend Tik Tok.

Currently, creating Tik Tok videos is not too difficult, when there are many applications that can help you do this. As for ideas, you can go to Douyin, China’s Tik Tok application. To be able to get good ideas from there. There are many famous Tiktokers that also do this.

Once you have the idea, you will proceed to create videos on applications that specialize in making videos Tik Tok. Finally, upload it to your account and you’re done. No matter how you do it, you will never be hidden by Tik Tok again.

Through this article, the Tik Tok video download site without DownTik logo has told you why Tik Tok videos are hidden. That’s why before you post any video, you should see if your video falls within these violations. In addition, you also learn how to fix the reason why posting videos on TikTok is hidden in detail. Which is the best solution for each case?

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