What is TikTok hashtag? The most trending hashtags today

When you upload a video to Tik Tok, you will have to add a hashtag for that video. So what is the TikTok hashtag? How effective is this as well as this is the hottest hashtag today. If you want to know, watch the full video of Downtik.com below.

What is TikTok hashtag?

Tik Tok hashtag is simply part of the description for TikTok videos. Usually you will see the hashtag part with a # symbol, for example #live, #love, #rapviet,… Hashtag phrases are often written next to each other, without accents, and are extremely brief to describe something.


Hashtag on 1 Tik Tok video

Hashtag on Tik Tok as well as on Instagram, if your account is publicly tagged #. Then your video content will be categorized by that tag.

The TOP TikTok Hashtag Strategies of 2022 – DownTik

What is the effect of TikTok hashtags?

You can see that most of the videos on Tik Tok have hashtags. Of course, it’s not by chance that people add this part. But for the following reasons:

  • To describe the content of your Tik Tok video
  • Hashtag helps people see what your video is related to content what to use
  • You can add hashtags like company logo, brand or business. To have a tag to promote the image to people in a better way
  • When you use hashtags, people can find your video faster. Because when they search for videos with content that matches your hashtag. Then your video will be displayed first
  • Hashtag Tik Tok also helps you promote a challenge or a contest that you want everyone to join.

Hashtags on Tik Tok videos of celebrities

Note that, once you have used the hashtag Tik Tok, you will not be able to edit it anymore. So before using, please choose the hashtag that best suits your video.

The most trending TikTok hashtags

Currently when surfing Tik Tok, you will surely encounter the following Tik Tok hashtags:

  • #Macarenachallenge: This is a hashtag to pull people together to dance along 1 funny music
  • #Duet: This hashtag is used, when you want to duet with famous singers
  • #Walkchallenge: This is a hashtag about walking challenge, help everyone can improve their health
  • #YouHaveTo: This is a hashtag that wants people to give up their habits bad can affect the community.

Above, we have told you what is the most detailed TikTok hashtag. In addition, you also know the effects as well as the most popular Tik Tok hashtags today. Hopefully, when you finish watching, you will find the right hashtag to describe your Tik Tok video.

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