What is TikTok green tick? How to get a green tick

When surfing Tik Tok, you must have met an account with a green tick. So what is the TikTok green tick? As well as how to get this green tick. If you want to know, read the full article below of Down Tik. Because we will give you the most complete and detailed answer.

What is TikTok green tick?

The green ticks on Tik Tok are simply verified accounts. Plus get a large enough number of followers and high engagement. That’s why you always see celebrities with green ticks on their Tik Tok.


Green tick on 1 TikTok account

When you see someone with a green tick on Tik Tok, it means that Tik Tok is the owner. So you can rest assured that your Tik Tok account has a green tick. Not only Tik Tok but also on other social networks like Facebook or Instagram. You also see green ticks after celebrity accounts.

The effect of TikTok green ticks

When a Tik Tok account has a green tick, it will bring a lot of benefits to the owner. Specifically, the effect of the green tick is:

  • Help people know that this is the main account, the real account, and avoid fake accounts
  • Accounts with a green tick are always preferred by Tik Tok, especially in terms of security
  • Tik Tok accounts with a green tick always receive support or another quite useful feature.
  • When Tik Tok has policy and strategy changes, the account will have a green tick. always be informed in advance.

Green ticks have many benefits

Conditions to have the TikTok green tick

As DownTik shared above, to get the green tick on the Tik Tok application you must meet the conditions that this social network offers. Specifically, that condition is:

For the average group of people:

  • Have more than 2 million followers or have more than 25 likes on all accounts
  • Make sure to post at least 3 videos / 1 week as well as share that video On my page
  • Must have more than 3 months to comply with the regulations of Tik Tok

How To Get Verified On TikTok – DownTik

For the group of people who have green ticks on other social networks:

  • Must have at least 500 thousand followers or more
  • Must comply with all All conditions and regulations of the Tik Tok community
  • After getting the green tick, TikTok must make sure to post 12 videos/ 1 month and share at least 8 videos/ 1 month on the personal page

For the group of people already on 30 thousand followers: Need to win an event and Tik Tok organizes.

Business group: A business verification record is required according to Tik Tok’s regulations.


Above are the conditions to get a green tick

How to register for the TikTok green tick?

As you feel you are eligible to be granted a green tick by Tik Tok. Then you will do the following steps to register:

  • Step 1: First, you will visit the homepage of Tik Tok to register for a green tick
  • Step 2: Next, you will select all the customizations on your page his
  • Step 3: you will then enter the URL of the account you want to subscribe to
  • Step 4: you will upload the profile where Tik Tok requirements
  • Step 5: you will enter the reason you want to account Your Tik Tok is granted a green tick
  • Step 6: Finally, you will send it to Tik Tok and wait for a response in 24 hours if your account is eligible.

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How to get the fastest TikTok green tick

To get your account verified by Tik Tok fastest, you should do the following things:

  • Regularly upload videos on your Tik Tok channel
  • Regularly share videos trend to attract the most viewers
  • Create separate creative videos, to increase your followers
  • When posting videos, you should add hashtags like trending, trending, .. so that your video can go up. was the top trend Tik Tok
  • Should be friends with many users Tik Tok others to follow cross together
  • Always comply with the general provisions that Tik Tok proposed
  • Creating funny videos, video shocks to attract some more viewers and interactions.

Through this article, surely you know what the TikTok green tick is? What are the benefits of owning watch ticks? In addition, we also know the conditions to own a green tick on the Tik Tok application and how to register. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can register the green tick yourself. When your account is eligible to be granted a green tick by Tik Tok.

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