5 most effective ways to increase free Tik Tok followers today

Follow on Tik Tok is extremely important right now. Because it helps your account look more reputable. In this article, we will show you how to increase free Tik Tok followers extremely effectively. Which you should use, if you want to increase your followers without losing money.

Increase free Tik Tok followers by exchanging

Increasing followers by exchanging is a form used by many people. This is also known as cross-following. This means that when you follow a user, that person will also follow your account. It can be seen that this approach benefits everyone.

To be able to increase cross-following is also quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  • First you will be on groups in facebook, zalo,.. specializes in cross-following each other on Tik Tok and then please join
  • Next you will post the message so people can follow the account your Tik Tok account. Of course, when people follow you, you also have to follow everyone’s accounts

It looks simple, but currently there are tens of thousands of members in large cross-follow groups. This shows that you can get a pretty large number of followers if you work hard to cross-follow others.

Increase free Tik Tok followers by connecting friends

Currently Tik Tok has the function of linking friends from other social networks. This is also an extremely good source of followers that you can tap into. Because those who are friends on facebook, instagram, .. all know each other’s faces. So it will be easier to accept following each other.

To link friends on facebook, Instagram is extremely simple, just do the following:

  • First you will open the application Tik Tok then click on Privacy Settings Share Profile
  • Next you will click on the social networks you want to share Tik Tok account on it is done.

You can link your friends on other social networks

When sharing is done, everyone will know how your Tik Tok account is so it’s easier to follow. If possible, invite people to follow your Tik Tok account. To increase the number of followers of your account even more.

Increase free Tik Tok followers by switching account to Pro

To be able to increase followers for your Tik Tok account, you should also switch to a Pro account. Because when you switch to a Pro account, your videos will reach more viewers. This will help your account get more followers.

To be able to switch Tik Tok account to Pro is also extremely simple, when you just need to follow these steps:

  • First you will open Tik Tok application and then select Me< /span>
  • Next you will go to the 3-dot icon and select Manage Account 
  • Then in this section you will switch to a Pro account
  • Continue you will select Author Enterprise Field Analysis done.

In addition to switching to a Pro account, you should also disable private mode on your account. Because if your account is private, the video will not reach many people. Of course, when the video doesn’t reach many people, you won’t get many followers. To turn off private mode is also quite simple, when you just need to do the following steps:

  • First you will open the Tik Tok application and then select the tick icon 3 dots
  • Next you will select Manage Privacy Policy Turn off privacy mode

How to turn off private mode

Increase free Tik Tok followers by adding hashtag

According to research, when using hashtags, your videos will reach more people. As well as will be displayed on the front page if people search for that hashtag. Therefore, to help your Tik Tok account increase followers, this is the way that you must not ignore.

To be able to use hashtags to increase the number of followers on my account. You would do the following:

  • First you will open the Tik Tok application and then click on Search
  • Next you will go to hashtags for most used hashtags most recently
  • Finally you just need to copy that hashtag to add to the video you post done.

In addition to adding hashtags, you should also record videos according to the hot trend. For example, if there is a hot song on Tik Tok, you can record a dance video on that music. That way, your video can quickly get to the top of trending.

How to increase tik tok followers

Increase free Tik Tok followers by investing in video quality

A way to help you increase your free followers and keep them for a long time. That is investing in the quality of your video. Because when you invest in video quality, your video will be liked by many people. When you have a lot of quality videos, your account will become extremely popular. At this point, the number of followers in your account will definitely increase a lot.


You should invest more in your video quality

To invest in your videos with better quality, you should refer to the ideas in Chinese Tik Tok. Because here there are many videos with extremely good content. In addition, you should also learn basic video recording and editing skills. Help me create videos with the most beautiful effects.

If you want to be fast, you can download Tik Tok or Chinese videos. Then repost on my channel. This also helps your account reach more people.

Above, we have shown you how to increase followers of Tik Tok for free very well. Which you can apply, if you want your account to attract a higher number of followers. Guaranteed when you apply all the above methods, your account will increase to follow extremely fast.

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