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If you want to convert TikTok videos to mp3 but don’t know how. Then this is an article that you must not miss. Because we will guide you in the most detail, so that you can convert any  Any Tik Tok videos I like to simple mp3 format.

How to convert TikTok videos to mp3 with Down Tik

Currently, Downtik is the leading online Tik Tok video downloader in Vietnam. Because you can download any Tik Tok video with this app. Unknown, when using DownTik, you can also transfer  Converting from video to mp3 format is extremely simple. Specifically you would do like  after:

  • First you will access Tik Tok and then copy the copy link in the video I want to download
  • Next you will visit and paste this link enter
  • Finally you just need to press DownTik to be able  download that video  my computer.

App Downtik

When downloading, you will choose mp3 format, if you want to store Tik Tok videos in this format. The time that you can download Tik Tok videos with DownTik must be extremely fast. When in just a few seconds, you can convert 1 Tik Tok video to mp3 format and download it to your device.

How to convert TikTok videos to mp3 using CloudConvert

CloudConvert is also an app you should use  application, if you want to change the Tik Tok video format to mp3. Because the application makes this extremely easy for you, just follow these steps:

  • First you will also access Tik Tok and then save the Tik Tok video that I want to download to my computer
  • Next you will access the CloudConvert website and select the icon arrow then switch from MP4 to MP3

You will proceed to change the format

  • Then you will proceed to download your new Tik Tok video  previously downloaded and then select Convert
  • Finally after the video format is converted to mp3, you just need to Click Download to be able to download the file to your device.

It can be seen that, CloudConvert application helps you to convert from Tik Tok video to mp3 format extremely fast and simple. In addition, the quality in the mp3 file you download is also extremely good.

How To Download TikTok Audio Sound As MP3

How to convert TikTok videos to mp3 with Video to MP3

Another way that you should also apply, when you want to convert video format from Tik Tok to mp3. That is using the Video to MP3 tool. Because this is also an extremely high-quality video format converter.

To use Video to MP3, you will follow these steps:

  • You will also first open the Tik Tok application and then select your video want to download. Next you will go to the Share section and then proceed to save the video 
  • You will then open the Video to MP3 app, if not already Please download this application to your device. The way to download is also extremely simple and the time is also quite fast
  • Once you have opened the Video to MP3 application, you will select the Video section Go to Audio and then select the Tik Tok video you previously downloaded

You will choose video to audio

  • Finally you will select to MP3 then press Convert and wait for the video to convert After changing, you will download  it’s done on my computer.

With Video to MP3, you can convert any Tik Tok video you want. In addition, the quality in the mp3 file after conversion is also quite good  high.

How to convert TikTok videos to mp3 with Convertio

Last application we  I would like to introduce to you. For you to convert Tik Tok videos to mp3 format, it’s Convertio. Because there are now a lot of people using Convertio, when there is a need to convert the format from Tik Tok video to mp3.

To be able to use Convertio, you would do the following:

  • First you will also open Tik Tok and select the video you want to download about. Then you will click Save Video to your device
  • Next you will access Convertio website and then click Choose File 🡺 File and then select the Tik Tok video you just saved in your device

You will click select file

  • Then you will select MP3 format and press Convert
  • Finally when the video is converted successfully you just need to click Download done.

When using Convertio, you will see that the converted video  convert to mp3 extremely fast. In addition, the quality of your mp3 files when downloaded is also quite high. Let you get the best mp3 file.

So with the above article, we have let you know  fast and quality ways to convert TikTok videos to mp3  Best. Of the ways above, you should use  Use Down Tik. Because with this application, you do not need to save the video to your device. In addition, you can also convert to many other formats if you like. Hope you will find useful information after reading this article.

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