The easiest way to post TikTok videos on trending

If you want to post TikTok videos on trends to attract more interaction, but don’t know-how. Then immediately read the article of DownTik below. Because we will share the simplest ways to post videos on the Tik Tok trend.

What is a trending TikTok video posting?

Going trending simply means that your videos will be viewed and viewed by more people. When your Tik Tok video is trending, it will be shown to more viewers. This will help that video get a lot more interaction from Tik Tok users.

Currently, most Tik Tok users want their videos to be trending. Because of that, your account will have more interactions and the number of followers will also increase. And if you are also one of these, but do not know-how. Then continue to follow the article, because we will guide you right below.

Ways to post TikTok videos to trend

Having an account with a nice profile A good

An account is an extremely important factor, helping your videos to be trending. Because Tik Tok often allows videos of reputable people to reach many users. Therefore, you should build yourself a complete, accurate, and eye-catching profile.

Specifically, you should leave a clear and beautiful profile picture in addition that the information in the profile is also fully and accurately updated. In particular, you should also regularly post videos and share videos on your page.

Here’s how to actually go viral on TikTok –

Use hashtag Trend TikTok in your videos

When you upload any video to Tik Tok, you will see an accompanying description. So please fill in the description for the video as well as use the hashtag for the video you post. When describing and hashtagging, you must also describe the correct content in the video you upload.

In addition, in the hashtag section, you should also add keywords such as trends, trends, or hot events in recent times. That way your video will stand out and attract more attention. Therefore, it is easier to post TikTok videos on the trend.

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Interact with Video Viewers

One way to make your videos easier to trend Tik Tok is to interact with viewers. Because when interacting with people who watch your videos, you will receive the following benefits:

  • People who watch your videos will rate your account well, which is something that Tik Tok extremely appreciates
  • When the number of people The more you interact with your video, the more likely it will be to trend.

Interacting with viewers is an effective way for videos to trend

To interact with Tik Tok viewers, you can reply to these people’s comments. Or you can also follow the people who comment on your videos. This will make your video highly interactive. Therefore, Tik Tok will also increase the rate of trending for your videos.

Create a good Tik Tok video

This is the key for you to post TikTok videos to trend. Because if your video is really good, there is creative content. Then the number of people watching videos and sharing videos will also be higher. Therefore, your video will be very easy to trend Tik Tok.

However, it is not easy to create a good video, especially when you are not a celebrity. But there is still a way for you to do that, namely following the trend. For example, if a trend is hot recently, you should make a video according to that trend. Make sure the trending video-rate will be extremely high.

Buy views

If you have tried all of the above, but your video cannot be trending on Tik Tok. But you still want to make your video top trending. Then the only way is to buy views.

Because when buying views, the number of people watching videos will increase very quickly. And when the number of people watching videos increases, the possibility of trending will also increase. However, before buying a TikTok view, you should choose a reputable and quality place. To ensure that the Tik Tok view is always the most real, then the success rate will be high.


You can also buy views to increase the number of viewers

According to Down Tik, currently, the amount to buy 1 view on Tik Tok is usually about 10 VND. That’s why it’s only really necessary if you want to promote your account. Then you choose this way to trend.

Above are the fastest ways to post TikTok videos on the current trend that you should use. Depending on the conditions, you will choose the method that suits you best. Hopefully, when you finish reading the article on, you will be able to create more trending Tik Tok videos.

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