The easiest way to get filters on instagram to shoot TikTok

Currently on Instagram there are many beautiful filters for everyone to use to record videos. If you also want to record Tik Tok videos by filtering on Instagram, but don’t know how. Then in this article, we will show you how to get filters on instagram to shoot TikTok simply. But as long as you follow it, you can record a Tik Tok video with any filter on Instagram.

How to get filters on instagram to shoot TikTok fast

First we will show you the fastest way. So that you can record Tik Tok videos with Instagram filters is extremely simple. Specifically, you will do the following:

  • First, you will open the Instagram application and select Your Story 
  • Next, you will swipe the video record button to the right and then select the magnifying glass icon
  • Then you will click on search with the magnifying glass then you will type niningxx 
  • Continue you will select the 3 bears icon and then press Try and click to record the video
  • Finally, when the video is done you will click to download the video with the arrow button and upload it to Tik Tok’s channel when you are done.

This is how you will do it

How to get filters on instagram to shoot detailed TikTok

If with the instructions above, you have not yet figured it out. We will continue to guide in more detail right below. So that you can refer and apply the most accurate way. Specifically, they are:

  • Step 1: First, you will access your Instagram application and then select Your Stories
  • Step 2: Next, you will swipe the screen to the right to record the video you like

You swipe the video to the left

  • Step 3: Then you will select the magnifying glass icon to select the filters you want
  • Step 4: For example, if you want to select the icon of 3 bears, then press we bare bears and then press try

You will click Try it

  • Step 5: You will proceed to hold the button to record the video 
  • Step 6: When the recording is complete, you will turn off and download the video to your device
  • Step 7: Finally, you just need to go to the Tik Tok application and then upload the video you just created on Instagram.

How To Use Instagram Filters On TikTok –

Benefits of getting filters on instagram to shoot TikTok

Currently most people choose to get filters on instagram to shoot TikTok. Because this way brings a lot of different benefits, namely:

  • On Instagram, there are many beautiful filters for everyone to choose the filter that they like the most.
  • When shooting with Instagram’s filter, you can upload videos. Up Tik Tok is quite simple and fast
  • You can create extremely beautiful and unique videos this way to attract more views
  • You can create trending videos on Tik Tok this way , making it easier for your videos to trend.

The most unique filters on Instagram right now

When using the way to get filters on instagram to shoot TikTok, you also have to choose beautiful effects. Then you can create the most beautiful and unique videos. Currently, according to reviews as well as the number of users. The most unique filters on Instagram that you should use are:

Filter Pastel by kamnoyy

This is the filter most used by young people today, especially women. Because when using this filter, the user’s skin will become extremely white and bright. In addition, users can also choose the makeup style they like quite simply.

Filter Hana of tikadew The

The filter Hana of tikadew is also used quite a lot at the present time. Because this filter will turn users from ducks to swans extremely quickly. Even if the user does not wear any makeup, this filter will also help the beauty become much better.

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Filter of Lens Nice

This is a very suitable filter for those who want to look young again. Because Lens Nice’s Filter helps users become much younger. In addition, there is also the effect of flying clouds over the head which looks quite cute. So girls can try this filter if you want to take a close-up video for yourself.

Through this article, we have shown how to get filters on instagram to shoot TikTok in the most detail. That you just need to apply, you can record videos with an extremely simple Instagram filter. Plus you also know the most beautiful filters. To help you create the most beautiful and vivid videos for yourself.

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