The most famous Vietnamese TikTokers at the moment

Tik Tok is currently the most popular social network in Vietnam today. Therefore, on this social network, there are also many Vietnamese TikTokers that attract an extremely large number of followers. In this article, Downtik will tell you the most popular TikTokers on social networks.

TikToker Vietnam – Linh Barbie

For those who participate in Tik Tok, it is probably no stranger to the name Linh Barbie. Because this is currently a TikToker with the most followers. At present, Linh Barbie has nearly 16 million followers. An extremely terrible number on Tik Tok that every player wishes.


Linh Barbie

It is known that Linh Barbie’s real name is Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, born in 1996. Although quite young, this hot Tik Toker is extremely famous. When the video always attracts an extremely large number of followers. It is known that Linh Barbie’s videos always invest very carefully in quality as well as content. That’s why most of them attract millions of views.

Linh Barbie is also an early Vietnamese TikToker who is still on the list of TikTokers with the most followers. This shows that Linh Barbie’s charm has never decreased since making TikTok videos until now.

TikToker Vietnam – Tea Dang

Tra Dang is the next famous TikToker that we want to introduce to you. With a very cute and beautiful appearance. In addition, creating extremely quality videos in terms of both effects and content. Therefore, Tra Dang’s account currently has more than 12 million followers.


Tea Dang

Tra Dang is also nicknamed Tik Toker disguised by everyone. Because most of this idol’s videos are about makeup and transformation. Therefore, every time Tra Dang releases a video, there is always an extremely large number of viewers. In particular, the number of hearts in each video of this TikToker is also quite large.

Currently, Tra Dang has turned to follow famous trends in the world. So the content in the video is also extremely rich and attractive. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that Tra Dang is one of the most influential people in Vietnam’s Tik Tok.

TikToker Vietnam – Mr. Duc

Anh Duc is definitely an extremely familiar name for those who play Tik Tok. Because surely everyone has watched this guy’s video at least once. Anh Duc’s real name is Pham Anh Duc, a Tik Toker known a lot through the series Breaking Into The Stars.

In these Tik Toker videos, people will see the extremely cool celebrity house break-ins. It is known that famous Vietnamese stars such as Ho Quang Hieu, Luong Bich Huu, Dam Vinh Hung, Tran Thanh, etc. have all been broken into by Anh Duc.


Mr. Duc

Currently, Anh Duc’s account has nearly 5 million followers, a huge number. Tik Toker Anh Duc is also loved by many people. By being a person who overcomes circumstances to rise up. Especially, in the past, Anh Duc was quite difficult. However, with my efforts, this Tik Toker is currently quite successful.

TikToker Vietnam – Tuong Vy (Ve Ve)

Tuong Vy (Vê Ve) is also an influential person on Tik Tok Vietnam. When this is one of the first TikTokers, it still maintains a pretty good performance up to now. It is known that Tuong Vy (Ve Ve) was born in 1998 and is famous on TikTok with cute videos.


Tuong Vy (Ve Ve)

From the first day to the present, Tuong Vy (Ve Ve) still retains her own personality. Therefore, the number of followers of this idol has also increased quite quickly. It is known that Tuong Vy’s account (Ve Ve) currently has more than 9 million followers.

Even though Tuong Vy (Ve Ve) is married now, she still doesn’t give up the game. When this Tik Toker account is always innovating and creating extremely quality videos.

TikToker Vietnam – Vo Thanh Y (Ma Cam)

On the current Vietnamese Tik Tok, Vo Thanh Y (Ma Cam) is also a pretty famous name. Even though he didn’t go to any acting school or had a strong team behind him. However, Vo Thanh Y (Ma Cam) attracted an extremely large number of viewers. Because the videos that this TikToker makes are very close and bring a lot of laughter to everyone.


Vo Thanh Y (Ma Cam)

Joining Tik Tok 3 years ago, currently Vo Thanh Y (Ma Cam) has more than 9 million followers on this social network. This is a huge number for a do-it-yourself person like Vo Thanh Y (Ma Cam).

Through this article, has told you the most famous and most interested Vietnamese TikTokers today. Of course, there are many other TikTokers with more followers. However, in terms of influence, the above Idols are extremely outstanding.

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