Instructions on how to record a video of TikTok eating millions of views

On current Tik Tok, videos with food content always attract an extremely large number of viewers. If you also want to make a TikTok food video, but don’t know how to do it. Then this is the article that you must not miss. Because we will guide you in the most detailed and complete way.

How to shoot TikTok eating videos to attract more views

Find ideas

First to be able to record a Tik Tok video with food content. You have to find your own ideas. Because the main idea is the most important part to attract many viewers or not? You can see that Tiktokers specializing in food often have a lot of good and special ideas. So the number of followers as well as watching their videos is quite large.

There are now a lot of ideas for you to shoot TikTok eating videos. Specifically:

  • Eating huge food: You have a choice of dishes super giant to eat. This is one of the content that has attracted a lot of viewers in recent times
  • Eating seafood: You can also choose to review, eat and drink seafood dishes, such as tuna, king crab, Alaska shrimp,.. Because these are the most popular dishes
  • Eating traditional foods: You can choose how you eat them traditions of each region. To be able to review as well as introduce culinary culture to everyone
  • Survival style dining: If you can afford it, Can make Tik Tok videos in survival style. That is going to the forest, going to the island, .. to hunt and cook by yourself. Then record a video of eating and drinking for everyone to see. This is a pretty hot topic lately.

Perfecttt TikTok Compilation


Next, once you have the content, you will prepare the video recording tools. Examples are food, rotation,…. Also how long do you plan to shoot the video for. Because Tik Tok only allows users to upload videos under 2 minutes. That’s why the preparation part is extremely important.


When you have prepared all the tools, tools or food. You will proceed to record a video right on the Tik Tok application or you can use another tool. To record and then upload to my Tik Tok channel later. If you choose to record a TikTok eating video with Tik Tok, you will follow these steps:

Step 1: You will first open the Tik Tok application on your phone, then click the Plus sign in the middle to record a video


You will tap the red icon in the middle of the screen

Step 2: Next you will click Select Sound to select the music you have prepared previously.

Step 3: You will then point the camera at the subject and then tap the Red icon in the center to start recording. When recording, you can choose from the following features to make the video more vivid.

  • Speed: You can increase or decrease the rotation speed depending on your preference. to your preferences
  • Color filter: You can change the color in the video using filters color. Currently Tik Tok is providing 4 main color filters: Portrait, Landscape, Food and Vibe.
  • Beauty: You can beautify yourself by selecting properties this ability. In Tik Tok’s beauty feature, you can choose to increase image brightness, smooth skin, Beautify for makeup (Makeup),…
  • Timer: You can also set a timer in your video, later Then the camera will start counting from 3 to 10 seconds and then start recording the video
  • Delete clip: If you find your TikTok eating video is not up to the mark then you can delete the clip and then come back.

You will proceed to record the video

Step 4: When you are done recording you will tap the red button in the middle of the screen again to finish the video. Now you just need to upload the video to your Tik Tok channel and you’re done. Before posting, you should also add a description, hashtag to make your video easier to top trending.


Finally you just need to press Post

How to download TikTok eating videos

If you are surfing Tik Tok and see a good video about food. So you want to download to use, but do not know how. Then you can use 2 ways below:

Download TikTok eating videos directly

The first way is that you can download videos directly from the Tik Tok application. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

  • First you will open the Tik Tok application and then find the video you want download
  • Next you will select the item Share Save

Just do the above 2 steps, you can download videos to your phone extremely simply. However, this method only works for videos that allow Save. As for the videos that do not allow, you must use the second method.

Download TikTok eating videos with Down Tik

Down Tik is the leading online Tik Tok video download site today. Therefore, you can also use this website to download the Tik Tok videos you want. How to download is also quite simple, when you just need to do the following:

  • You will first access the Tik Tok application and then select the video want to download
  • Next you will click on the item Share Copy link
  • Then you will go to website and paste the line link to
  • Finally you just need to click Download and the video will be downloaded to your phone. your phone instantly.

When downloading Tik Tok videos online with Down Tik, you can save in many different formats. In addition, the quality in the video is also extremely high. When the picture, sound to the screen size are the same as the original video. In addition, all logos and watermarks in the original video are also removed without affecting the quality. also does not limit the number of times people use it. That’s why you just need to get copy link to be able to download as many videos here as you want. 

Through this article, you probably know how to shoot a TikTok eating video that attracts many viewers. To do this, what you need to do is need a good idea. The way to shoot is extremely simple that anyone can do with what we guide above. In addition, you also know the fastest way to download Tik Tok videos to your phone.

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