The most professional and free music to video merging software

If you have a video and want to merge your favorite music into it, but don’t know how. Then don’t skip this article. Because Downtik will share the best free, professional music video merging software available today. So that you can merge the music you like into your videos in the simplest way.

Software on video Tik Tok music puzzle

now is a social network Tik Tok largest video sharing in the world today. For when using Tik Tok you can create quite unique and beautiful videos for yourself. So you can cut, edit or merge music into videos on Tik Tok quite easily.

On Tik Tok, there is also an extremely large completely free music store. So you can easily find the type of music that you like the most. In addition, there are many effects that you can choose from to make your videos look beautiful and attractive.


Tik Tok

A little trick that you can create attractive videos on Tik Tok. That is, download the TikTok video without the logo at Then add your favorite music to that video. To help you create a quick, simple and high-quality video.

QuikVideo Merger

Quik Software is the next video merge software that we want to introduce to you. Because with this application you will have an extremely large completely free music store. In addition, when you upload the video here, the quality of the video is also quite high.

The advantages of Quik software can be mentioned as:

  • Uploading videos is quick, easy and quality is always guaranteed
  • There is a large archive of free music so you can find the music that best suits your needs. its
  • usage very easily, so you can create one video you like fastest
  • storage support videos in many different formats
  • you can upload videos to social networks like Tik Tok, Facebook, .. extremely fast

It is for these reasons that you should download Quik to be able to make quality videos with the most vivid sound.

Best Free Software to Make Music –

Stitching software free music to videoVivaVideo

VivaVideonow being grafted music software on multiple user videos today. Because this software has an extremely large music store. It makes it easy for you to choose the music you like the most. Especially the music at VivaVideo is always copyrighted, so you don’t have to worry about violating the policy.

In addition to the above, VivaVideo also has many advantages such as:

  • You can combine many music into 1 video quite simply
  • This tool is completely free as well as you can combine music into many videos as
  • video quality also quite good when output and you can select the output video format
  • their VivaVideo special editing functions, integrating voice into your video is extremely convenient.


VideoShow is also a software that is used by many people at the moment. Because the way to use it is quite simple and the quality is also high. With this software, you can cut and merge videos, edit videos or merge music into videos you like extremely simply. Sound effects at VideoShow are also a plus. When this software gives extremely vivid, realistic sound quality.



In addition to the above advantages, at VideoShow you also get the following benefits:

  • VideoShow has an extremely simple use that anyone can use
  • This software is quite light, so suitable For computers that do not have strong requirements,
  • The output video is always fast and the quality is also quite good.

KineMaster free video merge software

KineMaster is the music merge software directly into the video that we want to share with you. With this software you can easily merge music, sound, voiceover, .. into the video you upload. In addition, KineMaster also allows you to add text, add text, add short videos, transition scenes quite simply.

The advantages of KineMaster are highly appreciated by users such as: 

  • This software has a lot of powerful features, so you can merge music directly into videos extremely quickly.
  • Video quality is always higher. In addition, the video output time is also quite fast.
  • KineMaster also allows you to edit your videos quickly, nicely and impressively.

Above are the top free music to video merging software today. Which you should have in your device, if you often have to combine music into videos. Make sure that with one of the software that Downtik mentioned above. You can easily combine any music samples into the video you like with very high quality.

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