What are trending Tik Tok videos? How to make videos to the top of trend

In order for your video to reach more people, you must make it to the top of the trend. So what is the trending Tik Tok video? How to make videos to top trending Tik Tok fastest. In this article we will tell you the details.

What are trending Tik Tok videos? 

The trending videos on Tik Tok are simply the videos with the most views in a short time. So the video will be accessible to more users. Usually, videos that catch trends, videos with high quality are often easier to top trending.

Most people who post videos on Tik Tok want their videos to be on top of trending. Because that will help their videos reach more users. This will increase video views, hearts and followers quite quickly.

How To Go Viral on TikTok in 2022

How to get popular Tik Tok?

If you also want your video to be on top of trending. To help your videos reach the most people. But you don’t know how to do it? Then continue reading our article. Because we will share ways to help you get your videos to the top trending fastest.

Choose a reasonable video posting time frame

So that your video can reach the most Tik Tok users. You should choose a reasonable video posting time frame. Specifically, you should post the times when Tik Tok has the most users. There are currently 4 golden time frames as follows:

  • From 6am to 8am
  • From 11am to 13pm
  • From 18 to 20pm
  • From 22 to 24 hrs

You can see that these are all the times when people are most free. Therefore, they will often turn to Tik Tok a lot during this time frame.

Post a video at least once/day

According to Tik Tok’s latest algorithm, this app highly values ​​regular video creators. Therefore, you will greatly increase the likelihood of posting trending Tik Tok videos. If you regularly upload videos to your channel. Specifically here, you should post 1 video/ 1 day.


You should post videos at least once a day

In addition, you should also work hard to interact with the videos you upload. For example, but replying to comments, interacting with people who drop hearts, .. Because Tik Tok loves videos with a large number of similarities. This will make it much easier for the video to get to the top of the trend.

Know how to catch a trend

One ​​more way that you should refer to to help your videos easily get to the top trending Tik Tok. That is catching the latest trends. Because when there is any new trend, Tik Tok usually prioritizes pushing those trending videos to the top of trending.

That’s why you should also catch the trend in the most reasonable way to make your video easier to top. In addition, you should also use hashtags for the hottest trends that are happening. So when Tik Tok users search on the Toolbar, your video will be displayed first.

Invest in more videos

To make it easier for your video to become popular Tik Tok, you should also invest in better quality. Because this is the most effective and sustainable way to top trending Tik Tok. Because most people on Tik Tok want to see quality videos with good content. 

In order to invest in quality videos, you must know how to make the best video. To help create videos with beautiful effects. In addition, you must also know how to combine music to make your videos more lively. 


You should invest in the quality of your Tik Tok video more

As for video content, you can follow the hottest Tik Tok trends. This will make your video accessible to more people. Or you can also come up with content for your own videos, to create a unique feature.

Especially, if you don’t have enough time to do the above things. You can download videos on Chinese Tik Tok and then reup to your channel. This is a way used by many people to help their channel reach many people at first.

However, this reup only works for the first time. Because then when detecting the video is not genuine, Tik Tok will report copyright infringement. Therefore, when it has attracted an initial number of followers. You should invest in the next videos so that your channel gets more followers as well as your videos more viewers.

Above, we told you what is the trending Tik Tok video? How to make your videos to the top trending of Tik Tok fastest. Hopefully by the end of this article, you can create your own million-view Tik Tok videos more easily.

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