Should you use TikTok to recruit company personnel

Currently Tik Tok is an extremely good online video sharing platform. On this application, people can use it to do many different things. In which, there are businesses that are using TikTok to recruit employees. If you also want to use this method to be able to recruit the most suitable employees, but do not know how effective it is. In this article, will tell you the pros and cons of this approach.

Advantages and disadvantages of using TikTok to recruit staff

Advantages of using TikTok to recruit staff

When using the Tik Tok application to recruit personnel for your company. You will get quite a lot of different benefits. Specifically:

  • Branding: Currently Tik Tok is a brand building channel. The brand is used by many companies. Because it will help you promote the image of the company to more people. As long as you create engaging and engaging content
  • Access to a wide audience: Tik Tok is one of the social networks The most played association in Vietnam today. It is full of different age groups to participate. That’s why when you use Tik Tok to recruit you will reach the most audience
  • Low cost: To be able to recruit staff from Tik Tok, The cost you spend is extremely low, compared to traditional recruitment methods. Now you can create a trending video or you can run ads for a relatively cheap cost
  • Direct interview: When using Tik Tok about recruiting, you will not need personnel to go directly to the company to interview  question. Instead, you can interview directly, then you will have an official interview once again when you see a suitable person on the company
  • Easy to find suitable candidates: Tik Tok is currently using use artificial intelligence. Therefore, all interests and personalities are analyzed quite accurately. Therefore, when recruiting here, you can select candidates that match your criteria quite simply.

The above are the advantages of using Tik Tok to recruit personnel

Disadvantage of using TikTok to recruit staff

In addition to the above advantages, of course when using this method you also encounter the following disadvantages:

  • Not quite interested: Currently multi-form recruiting staff The thing on Tik Tok is quite new. That’s why not many people pay attention, if you do not do good content. So if nothing stands out, your videos won’t be trending like entertainment videos
  • Work seekers are less interested in this platform: Currently, most Everyone is looking for work on online sites. So the Tik Tok platform has not yet received much attention. So people who really need to find work still don’t care about this way
  • Less source of candidates via Tik Tok: Another disadvantage when recruiting personnel on Tik TOk application. That is the little on this application there is very little supply, especially high-quality personnel. Because these people have very little time to surf Tik Tok as well as find work here.

Above are the disadvantages when you use this form

Should I use TikTok to recruit staff?

It can be seen that Tik Tok is currently a gold mine for those who know how to exploit it properly. In recruiting personnel is no exception, but currently, this form is not too popular. But surely in the future, recruiting personnel on Tik Tok will be extremely popular. Because it brings a lot of benefits to both employers and job seekers.

How to use TikTok for recruiting

That’s why you should also try recruiting in this way. Especially, if you want to recruit young, gen Z employees, this is the way you should use. Because the majority of young people today, play Tik Tok and access this application every day.

Through this article, DownTik has told you the advantages and disadvantages of using TikTok to recruit staff. It can be seen that this is a really new and good way that you should try. To be able to find the candidates that best suit your needs.

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