TicTok posting time frame for the easiest video to trend

In order to make the video trending Tik Tok, in addition to the quality, the content in the video must be high. Then choosing the time frame to post TikTok is also quite important. Because if posted at the right time, your video will reach more people. So what is the best time frame to post videos on Tik Tok, in this article we will tell you.

The most viewed TikTok posting time frame

According to the experience of professional Tik Tok video creators. There are 4 golden time frames that when posting Tik Tok videos, it will attract a large number of viewers. That is:

  • From 6am to 9am: This is when everyone is awake, So most people want to open social networks to read news and Tik Tok is no exception. So when you post a video at this time, it will attract a good number of viewers
  • From 11am to 12pm: This is where everyone ends work and lunch break. Therefore, the number of people accessing Tik Tok is also more. So you can also post your Tik Tok video at this time to reach more people
  • From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.: This is when everyone has gone work, that’s why they often mine social networking sites. Therefore, this is also the time that you do not miss to post Tik Tok videos if you want more people to see
  • From 22:00 to 24:00: This is a time when many young people usually surf Tik Tok and then go to sleep. Therefore, the number of people accessing this social network will be quite high. You should also choose this time to post Tik Tok videos on your channel.

These are the time frames for posting videos on Tik Tok that you should know

The above are the 4 golden times for you to choose and post Tik Tok videos. However, the times are not always the same. For optimization, you can post from a point in time and then compare the results. To know that the content in the video I am aiming for is suitable for any time frame. Then choose that time frame to post the video permanently.

Analysis of TikTok posting hours for your channel

If you have tried all 4 time frames like DownTik shared above but your video is still not trending. Although the quality and content in your video is well-invested. Then most likely, the object you are aiming for is not in that time frame. Now, to find the right time frame for you. You will conduct analysis using Tik Tok Analytics. The analysis is also quite simple, when you will follow the instructions as follows:

Step 1: Create a Tik Tok Analytics account

First, to analyze the information in my account. You need to upgrade to Tik Tok Pro account, by following steps:

  • First you will select Profile and select Menu
  • Next you will select the item “Manage my account.” 🡺 “Switch to Pro Account”
  • Then you will choose the Tik Tok Pro account type and follow the directions instructions to complete

Once you have a Tik Tok Pro account, reopen the Menu to see a new item, Tik Tok Analytics

Step 2: Explore Tik Tok Analytics

Next to find the time frame to post Tik Tok on the trend for your account. You will have to explore the functions in this section. Currently in Tik Tok Analytics there will be 3 following items:

  • Overview: This section gives an overview of your account, example video views, followers,..
  • Content: This will tell you about post metrics, eg views, interactions, comments, likes, video average watch time,…
  • Followers: You will know information about the people who followed you, the content they frequently interact with on your videos.

The BEST Time To Post on TikTok To Go VIRAL in 2022

Step 3: Determine where users interact with your video

Next, to find the appropriate time frame to post Tik Tok videos. You need to know where the number of people who regularly interact with your Tik Tok videos is located. If you are targeting Vietnamese people, then there is a high chance that people who interact with your videos will be located in Vietnam.

In addition, you also need to determine the age of frequent interaction with your Tik Tok videos. Examples are 16 to 20, 20 to 25, 25 to 30,… To find out what time these people are most active during the day.

Step 4: Determine the active time of Tik Tok viewers

Continuing to find the right video posting time frame, you need to know the main hours of the people who regularly interact with your videos. Currently on Tik Tok using many different time zones. Ideally, you should switch to Vietnam time zone, if you are targeting this audience.

Step 4: Monitor performance

Finally, you will find out what time the video you post gets the most engagement. For example, in a video, the interaction time is quite normal, but at 4pm, the interaction suddenly spiked. Chances are it’s the right time for your target audience. So please proceed to regularly post Tik Tok videos at that time.

Other ways to make Tik Tok videos trend

In addition to choosing the time frame to post TikTok videos, you should also use the methods below. To be able to help my videos trend in the best way. Specifically, the ways are:

  • Account Setup: It is recommended to set up an account with full information such as bio, Youtube, Facebook link, profile picture, password, ID, display name,….
  • Frequently interacting on other channels: According to the latest algorithm of Tik Tok, when you interact with others a lot, your video will get re-engagement. Therefore, you should regularly interact with other people’s videos
  • Use trending hashtags: When posting videos on Tik Tok, you should also use it Use trending hashtags. For example, if there is a hot event, you should hashtag that event to get more interaction.

You should also add a Hashtag to make the video easier to trend

  • Interact with the people commenting on your video: You should also regularly interact Collaborate with people who comment on your videos. Because the more engagement your video gets, the higher the rate of trending will be.
  • Invest in content quality: Of course, let the video have You can trend Tik Tok in the simplest way. You definitely have to invest in content as well as video quality. The best thing you can do is follow the latest trends.

Through the above article of DownTik, you probably already know the TikTok posting time frames that make it easiest for videos to trend. As well as the Tik Tok Analytics analysis to find the right time frame for your account. Hopefully when you finish reading the article, you will be able to post more Tik Tok videos to trend.

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