The easiest and fastest way to add TikTok music

If you are looking for a way to add TikTok music to your video. To make your videos more lively. Then this is the article that you definitely should not miss. Because here, we will show you the simplest way. That you just need to follow you can merge music into any Tik Tok video.

What is a video with TikTok music?

Musical videos are videos that contain both images and sound. To make the video more vivid and attractive to viewers. Currently, most of the videos on Tik Tok are inserted with music by users. Because that will help attract a larger number of viewers than regular videos.

Currently, you can insert music directly on the Tik Tok application to post. Because this application has a fairly large music store. Or you can also insert music with other applications and then upload it to Tik Tok. Below, we will guide both ways for your reference. Help you choose the method that works best for you.

How to merge TikTok music into videos quickly

To be able to merge music into Tik Tok videos, you just need to follow these steps:

  • First, you will open the Tik Tok application and then click the Plus sign under the screen
  • Next, you will choose Download Go up and select the track you want and then press Next
  • Then you will click Next and then select the song you want to merge into the video and then click the tick icon
  • Finally, you just need to select Next and then click Post.

As long as you do the above, you can merge music into your Tik Tok video quite simply. If you still can’t figure it out. Continuing the article, we will guide you in more detail.

How to add any sound or music to TikTok videos –

How to combine TikTok music into detailed videos

To merge your favorite music into Tik Tok videos, you will follow these steps:

  • Step 1: First, you will access the Plus icon under the screen
  • Step 2: Next, You will choose Tai Len if you want to upload the video you want to Tik Tok. Or you can also select the red circle icon to record a new video.

You will upload your video to

  • Step 3: Then you will select the piece of music you want to include in the video and then click Next
  • Step 4: You will drop and red frame to set the length of time to post the video on Tik Tok
  • Step 5: Now you will click Next to select Sound and then choose Suggestion
  • Step 6: You can find music right on Tik Tok or you can upload it from your device
  • Step 7: Finally, you just need to click Post and your Tik Tok video will be posted along with the piece of music you just dubbed.

Just click Post and you’re done

How to add TikTok, TikTok music to video on Jianying app Jianying

is an app that you can use to merge music into videos quite simply and with quality. Specifically, how to do it as follows:

  • Step 1: First, you will prepare yourself a video that you want to combine music into
  • Step 2: Next, you will access the Jianying app and then click on the Cong sign icon. If you do not have this application, you can proceed to download the application to your device.
  • Step 3: Then you will proceed to upload the video you want Tik Tok music to and then to edit it with red letters
  • Step 4: Now you can click on the speaker icon to turn off the original sound and then click the plus sign to add the music you want to add to the video. You can upload the piece of music you have prepared or you can also click on the music note icon to find music right on this application.
  • Step 5: Finally, you just need to click on the red icon in the right corner of the screen to export the video.
  • Step 6: Now you just need to open Tik Tok and then upload the video you just created on Jianying and then upload it.

Above are the steps that you will take to be able to merge music into the video you like to upload to Tik Tok from the Jianying app. It can be seen that this way is quite simple and fast.

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The fastest way to make TikTok music

If you are surfing Tik Tok and hear a good song. However, you don’t know the name, so you want to find information about this song but don’t know-how. Then here are the ways for you to find the fastest and most accurate TikTok music.

Search by song name

When you hear the lyrics on Tik Tok, you can also find song information quite simply. Just remember the words and find the right words on Google. Then the song will be displayed under the results quite quickly and accurately.

Find on video information

Most songs when inserted into Tik Tok videos are displayed in the information section. Therefore, you can look at the information section to know what the name of the song is. The way to find it is also quite simple when the information or the name of the song is located below the Tik Tok video.


You can find the song title on Tik Tok in the description of the video

Find TikTok music in the comments

When there is a good song, you are certainly not the only one who wants to find information. On the contrary, many people have the same question as you. Usually, they will comment to ask the song title directly from the video owner. Therefore, you can also look in the comments to know what the song’s name is.

Through this article, we have shown you in detail how to merge TikTok music into videos quickly and simply in many different ways. You just need to follow and you can add music to any video you want. In addition, you also know how to find song information in videos on Tik Tok. To be able to find the name of your favorite song if you can hear it.

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