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If you want to Livestream on Tik Tok in the best way. First you have to prepare a modern TikTok lamp. Because this will help the brightness become better and the video becomes clearer. So these are the Tik Tok spinning lights that you should use. In this video will tell you exactly.

TikTok Livestream Ring Light RL-480

Ring Light RL-480 is the kind of Tik Tok video light that Down Tik want to introduce to you. Because Ring Light RL-480 is used by quite a few TikTokers and received a high rating. Ring Light RL-480 is a special light for Livestream Tik Tok with phone bar. So that everyone can plug in their phones and conduct Livestream in the best way.

The advantages of Ring Light RL-480 can be mentioned as:

  • Extremely high brightness, up to 3200-6000K
  • The light can be rotated up to 120 degrees< /p>
  • The light is always stable and bright enough for the user< /span>
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Extremely cheap price
  • Brightness is mainly focused on 1 point, not spread< /span>
  • User can direct brightness without removing the light< /span>
  • Average life expectancy is quite high, from 20,000 hours to 40,000 hours


Ring Light RL-480

TikTok Livestream Lights YG -18

If you are a newbie to Livestream on Tik Tok, you should use the YG -18 lamp. Because this is an extremely easy lamp to use, provides a pretty sharp light source and is a great price. So the majority of people who have used YG -18 have good reviews about this lamp.

When using the YG -18 lamp to Livestream Tik Tok, you will receive the following benefits:

  • This is a pretty versatile LED line, in addition to being used for Livestream , you can also use it for many other fields
  • YG -18 light has 3 bright functions for you to use, that is white light, yellow light and yellow white light
  • This TikTok light has a remote to adjust the brightness, so you have can increase/decrease the brightness or change the brightness function very easily
  • YG -18 has the charging port attached directly to the light, so you can Livestream for a long time without fear of running out of power
  • YG -18 lights never get hot, so you don’t have to worry about photos affect my Livestream process
  • This lamp has a pretty good brightness, when there is standard lighting from 3200-5500K.

YG -18

With the above advantages, the YG -18 lamp is extremely suitable for those who are new to Livestream on Tik Tok. Especially, the price of YG -18 is also extremely affordable. So anyone can shop for themselves in a fairly simple way.

Top 3 Best Ring Lights

TikTok Livestream Ring Light RK39

The type of light used to Livestream on the next Tik Tok that we want to introduce to you. That is the Ring Light RK39, a type used by many TikTokers. Because the design of Ring Light RK39 is extremely scientific. When divided into 2 branches, 2 sides are left in the middle to attach Livestream phones. In addition, when using this type of lamp, you can also get the following benefits:

  • Ring Light RK39 has 3 brightness modes for you to adjust, they are white, warm yellow and white gold
  • This light is also equipped with a stand height from 35cm to 100cm
  • Of course, Ring Light RK39 also has remote control for easy use by users most used
  • Ring Light RK39 is also equipped with a direct charging port, so you You can Livestream for as long as you want without fear of running out of battery
  • Ring Light RK39 is equipped with 2 light bars, you want to use 1 or both are fine
  • This TikTok light in addition to support for Livestream, you can also use Used for photography, makeup, styling, hairdressing, .. are all extremely convenient.

Ring Light RK39

How to record a video with TikTok neon light effects

In addition to sharing with you the best Tik Tok Livestream lights today. We also show you how to record Tik Tok videos with extremely beautiful neon light effects. Specifically to make a video with this effect, you will do the following:

  • First you will open Tik Tok and then select the match icon< /span>
  • Next you will click on Effects and then select the icon of the effect neon effect.
  • You will then tap the circle icon to record a video
  • Once the recording is done you can add text and stickers to the video then Click Next
  • Finally just add a description and click Post if you want to publish The video I just created on Tik Tok channel is done.

Record Tik Tok video with Neon effect

Through this article, you probably know the best TikTok lights for Livestream today. But if you want your Livestream quality to be better, you should choose these lights. In addition, she was also guided on how to record Tik Tok videos with extremely beautiful neon effects.

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