The ways to shoot beautiful Tik Tok filters that you should try

Currently, the Tik Tok filter is a trend used by young people a lot when recording videos. Because it helps to modify the skin, the face becomes more beautiful without taking too much time. So how to shoot a beautiful filter to post on Tik Tok. If you want to know then read the full article.

How to shoot a Tik Tok filter right on the application

Currently right on the Tik Tok application, you can also shoot a filter that is quite beautiful and very easy. Specifically to get the filter effect I like when recording videos on Tik Tok. You will do the following steps:

  • Step 1: First, you will open Tik Tok and then click on the Plus icon
  • Step 2: Next, you will select and Effects, here you will see all the filter effects in Tik Tok will appear

Filter effects on Tik Tok

  • Step 3: You will try each effect until you find a filter effect you like and then proceed to record a video
  • Step 4: When the video is done, you can Post it directly to your Tik Tok channel. easily.

How to get the Tik Tok filter on trending videos

If you want to use the trending filters on Tik Tok recently. You will follow these steps:

  • Step 1: First, you will open the Tik Tok application and then click Explore
  • Step 2: Next, you will proceed to watch trending videos, to know which filters are currently hot, being used the most
  • Step 3: Then you will choose the filter you like in the top trending videos and use it
  • Step 4: Finally, you just need to record a video with that filter and post it on Tik Tok’s channel. I’m done.

Trying the Best Tik Tok TREND Filters – DownTik

How to get the Tik Tok filter through the search section

To find a beautiful filter on the Tik Tok application, you can search through the Search section. Specifically, how to search is as follows:

  • Step 1: You will access Tik Tok and then click the Explore box
  • Step 2: Next, you will click the filter you like in the search box

You can find your favorite filter here

  • Step 3: Then when that filter is displayed Then you will choose to record a video.
  • Step 4: Finally, you just need to upload it on the Tik Tok channel.

How to filter Tik Tok with Instagram

Besides being able to shoot with filter effects right on the Tik Tok app. Then you also have a lot of other ways to shoot filters that are equally beautiful. In which the most commonly used method is to shoot on Instagram. With this way you will do the following:

  • Step 1: First, you will get music from Tik Tok to record a video. To do this, you will access Tik Tok and then select the Share icon 3 dots Open Coc Coc or Google browser
  • Step 2: Next, you will access the Instagram application and then go to your News section. Then find the magnifying glass icon to select the filter 

You can record videos on Instagram

  • Step 3: You can also search for the filter by entering the name of the filter you want to search in the search box
  • Step 4: You can try the filter you just found by checking the box Use try
  • Step 5: Once you have chosen a filter you like, you will proceed to record a video with that filter
  • Step 6: After recording, you will press the download button and save it to your phone

Just complete the above steps You have successfully recorded a Tik Tok filter video with Instagram. To upload that video to Tik Tok is also quite simple. When you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: You will proceed to access the Tik Tik application and then press the Plus sign in the middle of the screen
  • Step 2: Next, you will click on the Upload box and download the video you want. created with the Instagram application 
  • Step 3: Finally, you will press Next then select a description for the video and press Post to finish.

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The benefits of using Tik Tok filter

It is no coincidence that young people now all use filters when recording Tik Tok videos. But because it brings the following benefits:

  • You can get beautiful, cute filter effects
  • Make your videos more beautiful, attract more viewers
  • You can choose the right trend of Tik Tok makes videos easier to trend,

The most beautiful Tik Tok filters you should use

Currently on the Tik Tok application there are many different filters for you to choose from. In which DownTik has synthesized the most beautiful and most used filters right below. So that you can choose the filter that best suits you.

Filter Pastel by kamnoyy

This is the most popular filter model among young people today, especially women. Because this filter will help the skin become smoother and more glossy. In addition, it also helps users have more beautiful and sexy lips. If you don’t have time to do makeup before recording the video, use this filter.

Filter Bee of tikadew The

Filter Bee of tikadew is also a pretty unique filter that you should use. With this filter you can make your face much more funny. Therefore, this filter is very suitable for those who are in an unhappy mood or want the scenes in Tik Tok videos to become happier.

Filter Hana by tikadew

If you are a woman and when recording a Tik Tok filter video, you must definitely use this effect. Because this is considered a filter duck turns swan. When helping the people in the video become much more beautiful. Especially with this filter, there is also an extremely cute and western blush effect.

Filter of Lens Nice

This is a filter that helps users become much more prominent. This is also a filter used by many people recently. When the user’s face will appear clouds or a cute bear.

If you are not confident with your face but do not have time to apply makeup. Then this is the filter that you must use immediately. Surely with the Filter of Lens Nice, you will become extremely attractive.

Through this article, DownTik has shown you how to record videos using the most beautiful, fast and simple Tik Tok filter today. When you can shoot directly on Tik Tok or can use Instagram. In addition, we also introduce you to the most beautiful filters available today. Which you should use if you want your face to become more prominent and beautiful.

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