Instructions on how to make the easiest Tik Tok dance video

Currently on Tik Tok, dance videos to music always attract a large number of viewers. If you also want to make a Tik Tok dance video but don’t know how to do it. Then this is the article that you must not miss. Because Down Tik will guide you in the most detailed and complete way.

Fastest way to record Tik Tok dance videos

Currently, even at Tik Tok, you can also make extremely simple dance videos to music. Specifically you will follow these steps:

  • First you will open the Tik Tok application and then select the tick icon Plus to switch the screen to video recording mode
  • Next you will choose music for your videos. To select music, you will go to Select Sound 🡺 Select  Music Select the green checkmark to record a video with the sound you selected

You will choose music for the video

  • You will then proceed to choose when to play and stop the music . The way to do it is quite simple, just select the Cut icon and then drag it to the right until the part you want to play music is okay
  • Continuing you will proceed to record the video by pointing the camera towards your. If you want to record with the front camera, just press Flip and you’re done
  • You will now tap the red circle icon in the center to Tik Tok dance video recording. When you’re done recording, you’ll also click on the circle to stop it.

You press the red button to proceed with video recording

How to make the easiest Tik Tok dance

Effects that you can use to record Tik Tok dance videos

When recording videos on Tik Tok, you can add a lot of effects to make the video more beautiful. Specifically, there are the following effects:

  • Beauty effect: You can choose this effect for mirror Your face becomes more beautiful. In this effect you can apply makeup, whiten your skin, lift your nose, trim your chin,…
  • Color filter: You can choose from many different colors while recording Tik Tok videos. Make your videos more colorful
  • Effect: You can select the effect icon in the left corner screen. To display the face recognition feature. Make your face transform into someone else, for example ghost face, funny face,…
  • Speed ​​control: You can select this here if you want speed the level in my video increases or decreases
  • Delete clip: If you think your video is not good, you can can accept delete clip then record a new video
  • Video recording duration: You can choose the duration for your video , for example 15s, 30s, 1 minute,…

You can choose effects for the video

Edit while recording Tik Tok dance video

When you finish recording a video on Tik Tok, you can also edit the video to your liking. Specifically you can do:

  • Choose another song: If you think the song you chose is inappropriate With video, you can choose another song. By selecting the sound and then selecting the song you want to change
  • Adjust the volume: If you want to increase the volume up or down in video. You just need to select the sound and then drag the slider up or down.
  • Add a color filter: If you find the color of the video doesn’t match you can You can choose other colors. Specifically, you will select three full color filter images at the bottom of the screen. Then choose the color you like
  • Adding special effects: Tik Tok is now having an extra function Special effects. So when you select the effects clock, you can add a lot of new effects
  • Add stickers: You can also add stickers you like video is pretty easy. By selecting the text if you want to write text or selecting the sticker if you want to add a label.

When you’re done recording, you can edit the video

How to upload Tik Tok dance video

Once you have finished your entire Tik Tok dance video. So wanting to upload that video to the Tik Tok channel for everyone to see is quite simple. Just after recording the video, you will click Next and complete the following information:

  • Video description: You can describe the content of your video . Plus you can even add hashtags to make your videos more trending
  • Next you will choose the view mode, for example friends only , publicly, alone you. Each mode has its own function. So you can choose the mode you want.
  • Finally when done you will click Post and the video is uploaded to your Tik Tok channel.

Finally you just need to Post the video

With the above article, Down Tik has shown you how to record the most detailed Tik Tok dance video. But just follow it, you can record the videos you like extremely simply. In addition, you can also add effects or edit videos. To make your video more beautiful and attractive.

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