How to download Tik Tok BTS to your phone the fastest

Tik Tok BTS video is being watched by many people every day. Because BTS is the most popular Korean group in Vietnam today. If you are also a hardcore fan of BTS, so you want to download this group’s Tik Tok videos to your phone. Then don’t skip this article, because we will guide you in the most detail.

What is BTS Tik Tok?

TikTok BTS is the Tik Tok channel of BTS, the most popular boy band today. All Tik Tok videos of this group are posted on this channel. So, if you want to follow BTS’s Tik Tok videos, just visit the group’s TikTok channel.

BTS is also one of the groups with the most followers on Tik Tok channel. Therefore, Tik Tok of BTS group regularly releases videos. Normally, the content of BTS’ Tik Tok videos is quite diverse, from singing, comedy, to activities,… and attracted a large number of viewers.


BTS has a Tik Tok channel with a lot of followers

If you are a hard fan of BTS, so you want to download Tik Tok videos of this group to watch or use. However, if you do not know how to do it, continue reading the article. Because we will guide you in detail.

Videos Tik Tok BTS

Fastest way to download Tik Tok BTS videos to your phone

To be able to download Tik Tok videos of BTS, you can use many different ways. In which there are 2 main ways, the first is to download directly on the Tik Tok application. Specifically how to download as follows:

  • First you will open the Tik Tok application and then select the Tik Tok channel of BTS
  • Next you will select the video you want to download to your phone< /span>
  • Finally just click Share 🡺 Save the video can be Download now.

However, this method only works for videos with a Save button. Because on Tik Tok BTS channel, there are videos without a Save button. Because creators don’t want people to download their videos. For videos like, you should use Down Tik. Because this is a website to download Tik Tok videos online without the top Save button.

To be able to download Tik Tok videos of BTS with Downtik is also quite simple. Just do the following:

  • First you will open Tik Tok and then select BTS’s channel< /span>
  • Next you will select the video you want to download to your phone click Share Copy link
  • Then you will go to website and paste the line link to the wall
  • Finally you just need to click Download and the video will be downloaded to your phone. your phone immediately.

Video Tik Tok of BTS

When downloading Tik Tok BTS videos this way, you can save videos in many different formats extremely easily. In addition, the download time is also quite fast, when it only takes a few seconds to download a complete video to your device.

DownTik also helps you to download BTS’ Tik Tok videos with the highest quality. When from the image, sound to the screen size in the video are the same as the original video. In particular, all logos and watermarks in the original video are automatically deleted without affecting the quality of the video. For you to have a very high quality BTS Tik Tok video.

Through this article, you probably know what Tik Tok BTS is? As well as how to download Tik Tok videos of BTS to your phone as quickly as possible. Of the 2 ways that we share with you above, you should choose to download using DownTik. Because you will download the video with the highest quality plus no watermark.

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