How to easily create Tik Tok background music according to your preferences

Currently Tik Tok is the number 1 short video sharing application in the world. When creating this, you can freely create videos in many different fields. In particular, you can also create Tik Tok background music yourself according to your preferences. If you do not know how to create? In this article will tell you the details.

The simplest way to create Tik Tok background music

Currently, there are many different ways to create music on Tik Tok. In which Inshot is the most used application. That’s why you should download this application to your device to be able to create music on the best Tik Tok application.

Once you have the Inshot application, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Inshot app

First you will open Inshot then select Photos and then select any image you want.


You will choose the image to upload

Step 2: Select a sound

Next to create Tik Tok background music, you will click on the music note icon. Then you will enter the password which is the music file that you save on your device.


You will choose the sound you want

Step 3: Align audio

Continuing, you will align the audio to best suit the video you intend to create. Currently on Tik Tok the most reasonable length is 60s.

Step 4: Save

Once you have created a complete video, you will adjust the video you created. You can adjust the video size and save it at the resolution you like. Finally, when everything is as you want, you will save the video.

Step 5: Upload video to Tik Tok

To upload your newly created video to Tik Tok is extremely simple. Just open the Tik Tok application and then click Record Video, but you will not record, but proceed to upload the video you just created to the Tik Tok application.

Step 6: Post videos to Tik Tok

Finally, you just need to upload the video you just created to Tik Tok. Additionally at the bottom you must also select Use This Sound to use the sound you just created.


You will upload videos to Tik Tok

Notes when creating Tik Tok background music

When creating the above music on the Tik Tok application, you must also note the following. To be able to create the best sound.

  • For best sound you should save mp3 files as well as restrictions Extract audio from other videos
  • You must also check the audio you get it very carefully, to avoid copyright status. Because if copyrighted, your TikTok background music will not be able to make sound
  • If you want to use any track you can save it to &ldquo ;add to favorites” so you can save your favorite music.

You can save music to favorites

The most popular Tik Tok background music today

In addition to helping you create TikTok background music according to your preferences. We also share the most popular music on Tik Tok today. Which you can use to insert into your videos. Specifically, those songs are:

  • Talking To The Moon – Bruno Mars
  • EW! (Hello My name is Suzie) – Baby Kaely
  • At my worst – Pink Sweat$
  • STAY – The Kid LAROI ft. Justin Bieber
  • Build A B*tch – Bella Poarch
  • Head slap – Lynk Lee ft Binz (Cowvy Mix)
  • Lighted up street – Huyen Tam Mon
  • DatKaa, KIDO
  • Then Go to Always – Nal
  • Death Bed – Powfu, beabadoobee

How to make Tik Tok background music

All the songs above have handshake tunes, so it’s easy for you to merge into your favorite videos.

Through this article, we have shown you how to create Tik Tok background music in detail. But just follow, you can create Tik Tok background music to your liking extremely quickly. In addition, you also get to know the most popular songs on Tik Tok. Which you can use to merge into your Tik Tok video.

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