The hottest Tik Tok trends 2022 you should know

In 2022, there will be many trends appearing on Tik Tok. When attracting an extremely large number of recipients. So what are the hottest Tik Tok trends today in 2022? If you want to know then read our article immediately.

Miraculous Friendship – The hottest Tik Tok trends today 2022

In 2022, there are many hits appearing in which the song “miracle friendship” has created an extremely popular trend on Tik Tok. The song “Let’s put your hands together forever, you remember” has caused waves in the online community. So there are many Tik Tok videos inspired by this song.

It is known that the song “miracle friendship” is performed by the trio Amee, Ricky Star and rapper Lang LD in the WeChoice 2020 album Vietnam Magic of the WeChoice Awards 2020. Since its debut, this song has been released. was received with great enthusiasm.

Cotton cha cha trend – Today’s hottest Tik Tok trend 2022  

In 2022, Vietnam Tik Tok also appeared in the Cotton cha cha trend. A trend used to satirize life. Specifically, the Father’s Cotton Movement speaks to the disappointment of parents for their daughter as well as the comparison with reality.

The trend of the Cha cha cotton ball is extremely well received when there are many videos of young people catching this trend. In the game, the videos that look forward to the future are received enthusiastically by many people.

Tik Tok trends 2022 –

Dance dance hovering

As you know, then in 2022, the disease Covid-19 caused so many people to be at home in time of social spacing. During this time, VTV released a dance video hovering over the background music of the song “You know I’ll go get”.

Right from the time it was released, immediately the Floating Dance was loved by many young people. Especially during the lockdown. That’s why there are many videos following this trend released on Tik Tok. It is known that this dance also helps the dancers increase their health bets much more.

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Maria Challenge

Maria Challenge is definitely one of the hottest Tik Tok trends today in 2022. Surely when surfing Tik Tok, you have also watched videos of this trend. Specifically, Maria Challenge is the extremely hot trend of ducking swans for a while.


Users are recording videos following the trend Maria Challenge

Maria Challenge is used by many female versions, because the filming is quite simple but attracts a large number of viewers. Specifically, at the beginning of the video, there will be a female friend dressed casually, leaving her face bare or making herself look ugly. After that, the girl will dance to the music of Maria Challenge and suddenly turn into an extremely beautiful girl.

Blindly choosing chart

Trend Tik Tok in 2022, then closed his eyes as well-chosen furniture quite well, when there are so many celebrities made. To make this video is quite simple, just have one person choose random items and the main character will be blindfolded and let choose items without knowing in advance.

Finally, after choosing an entire set of clothes, that person will have to try it on to know how when choosing random items, it will create a set of clothes.

Time-transforming trend

Over the past year, the time-transformation trend has also attracted a large number of videographers. With this trend, you can let everyone know how successful you are at puberty. With the beginning of the video, you will show your childhood photos. Then when the music reaches its climax, your current photos will appear.

This trend became a Tik Tok trend because it gave people a change in their past and present. To know if each person really changes in the direction of beauty up or down.

Lipstick challenge Lipstick

Challenge is also a popular Tik Tok trend recently. This trend helps women to show off their attractive shoulder bones. That’s why the girls with beautiful shoulder blades chose this trend to show off.


Users are recording videos following the trend Lipstick challenge

To create a video following the Lipstick Challenge is also quite simple. You just need to put 1 lipstick on your shoulder bone. To show how fragile and charming your shoulder bones are. Of course, girls who don’t have beautiful shoulder blades will have a hard time making videos that follow this trend.

Above, we have told you the hottest Tik Tok trends today in 2022. You can see that these are the hottest Tik Tok trends of the past year. Surely you have surfed Tik Tok and watched the videos of the above trends. So which trend do you think attracts the most number of viewers? Like have you ever made any videos of the trends we mentioned above.

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