The simplest way to change the name with special characters TikTok

Currently, special characters TikTok are being used by many users as a name. If you also want to name your Tik Tok with special characters, but don’t know how. Then do not skip this article, because we will guide you in the most detail. With just applying, you can rename your Tik Tok with interesting characters.

What is TikTok’s special character?

Tik Tok is an application founded in 2016 in China. Currently, this is the largest video sharing application in the world today. When there is an extremely large number of users in the world. With the Tik Tok application, everyone can share the short videos that they make. Or you can also watch other people’s videos.


Special Characters Tiktok

In particular, Tik Tok allows users to use many different effects. To help users create the most beautiful and interesting videos. Help your videos reach more viewers. In addition, you can also use special characters TikTok to name yourself. For details, please continue to watch the video below.

How To Change Font on TikTok – Down Tik

Instructions on how to change your name with special characters TikTok

To be able to rename your Tik Tok account with special characters, you will follow these steps:

  • First, you will open the Tik Tok application and then access it. Your account
  • Next, you will click on Me Edit Profile
  • Then you will click on the name and then go to the function to edit the name Tik Tok
  • Now you will copy the name with the special character you like and paste it in

Special character TikTok

  • Once done If you paste it successfully, you will click Save and you’re done.

Just follow the steps above, you can change your Tik Tok name with special characters. However, you must choose a website to get the most beautiful and suitable special sign for you.

Notes when renaming with special characters TikTok

When renaming your Tik Tok with special characters, you need to note the following:

  • You should put special characters on the left and right, you Should choose short characters,
  • Tik Tok only allows names of less than 20 characters, so you must also choose special characters under 20 characters.

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When creating a Tik Tok name with special characters, you will receive a lot of benefits, namely:

  • You can create the names you like, unique and quite simple
  • You can make the name stand out. Your name and account more with special characters

Through this article, you probably know how to change your name with special characters TikTok. To help you change your Tik Tok name to be more unique and interesting. Hope you will find important information by the end of this article.

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