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Currently the Tik Tok reaction is attracting a lot of viewers. When there are many famous channels working on this topic. So what is a TikTok reaction? As well as why it attracts so many viewers. In this article will tell you.

What is Reaction Tik Tok?

Reaction translated into Vietnamese means the reaction of the viewer. So TikTok reaction simply understands the reaction of viewers when watching a certain video on Tik Tok. When watching this video, viewers will reveal their true feelings as well as give their comments and feelings about the video.

Most of the people who react are influential or have expertise. In addition, in order for the video to attract more viewers, the humorous and charming element is extremely important. So there are many KOLs in Vietnam who often give their reaction videos to music videos, songs,..


React TikTok is extremely popular

Currently, Tik Tok is the leading place to share short videos in the world as well as in Vietnam. Therefore, the number of videos above is also quite high. So  there are many people who also choose videos on Tik Tok to react and attract a huge number of viewers.

Why is Tik Tok reaction video attracting so many viewers?

When you go online, you will definitely see TikTok reaction videos of celebrities that attract a lot of viewers. Sometimes even close to the original video’s viewership. So why are these reaction videos so hot? Here is the main reason:

“mirror effect”

Mirror reflection is a fairly common effect these days. This effect is implied when watching videos of people we love. We will have thoughts and feelings with the people in the video. So you will find most of the people who react are influential and a lot of fans.


Viruss reaction video on TikTok

That’s why, when they make a reaction video, there will be a lot of people watching. To know what my idol thinks about this video. Is it like my thoughts?

The mentality of not liking being alone

Another reason why the Tik Tok reaction video attracts a lot of viewers. That is, everyone does not want to be alone. Of course, no one wants to do anything alone. Instead, they want to work with other people.

Even when watching videos online, most people want a common viewer. To know if the feelings when watching your videos are the same with everyone else’s. Especially, if the person doing the reaction professionally will have a quite attractive way of talking. This makes people feel much more attractive.

Reaction video on Tik Tok

Benefits of Tik Tok reaction

It is no coincidence that reaction has become extremely popular in Vietnam in a short time. But because it brings the following benefits:

  • Help people know KOLs, experts comment like how
  • Help people better understand who’s reacting< /p>
  • Make it visible to everyone at their leisure
  • Help people find common ground< /p>
  • This is an extremely good trend-catching genre, so it is attractive many viewers.

Through the above article, Downtik have told you what the Tik Tok reaction is? As well as explaining why the TikTok reaction attracts so many viewers. Hope you can find important information after reading the article.

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