Privacy Policy

When using DownTik to download TikTok videos, people will receive a lot of different policies. To know what these policies are? As well as how it is regulated, please see all of our articles below.


Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy User Personal Information Collection Policy

When downloading a TikTok tanpa watermark video at DownTik, the privacy policy you receive is:

  • DownTik may collect user information they conduct. Download tick tock video here. However, this information will be kept confidential in absolute terms, so would never be exposed
  • Users can use incognito mode, if not collect your personal information
  • For For people who use DownTik and fill out the required form, that information is also collected legally

Non-Personal Information Collection Policy 

Not only when you download TikTok videos at DownTik, the application This application only collects your information. And even when you interact with the website, your information is also collected. Specifically:

  • When people interact with, non-personal information such as web browser, computer type, computer technical information, .. is collected
  • As soon as the user interacts. with the website, all relevant information will be collected immediately.
  • As long as the user no longer interacts with DownTik, this application will no longer collect user information.

How DownTik Cookies Work

In order to collect user information, DownTik Cookies have a separate operating principle. Therefore, all personal or non-personal information of the user is collected. When users download TikTok videos with this application. Specifically as follows:

  • All personal information of the user will be collected when the user proceeds to download the tick tock video with the Downtik application.
  • And when the user does not use this application to download TikTok videos, but only interacts. then all non-personal information will be collected.
  • Personal information here can be account name, full name, Tik Tok ID, downloaded Tik Tok video, .. And non-personal information here will be your computer, operating system, internet service provider, browser, type of computer, etc.

How DownTik uses your information

Of course, when all user information is collected, DownTik does not used randomly. That only uses for the following purposes:


Based on the information you leave when you download TikTok videos, DownTik will use it to provide advertisers. Specifically this application, will send you the most appropriate ads, the ads that are most relevant to you. 

The ads here are Google ads, helping you find the products and services that are best for you. Of course these ads will never bother you. And you can turn off this ad at any time if you want.

Storage of information

In addition to using information for advertising, your information will also be stored at Downtik. So that the next time you have access, this app will remember you. Helping you get the best user experience every time you download tick tock videos here.

The right to change the privacy privacy

policy The Policy will be under the control of Downtik, so reserves the right to change this policy at any time. But before changing the privacy policy, DownTik will notify users.

So every time you use DownTik, you should check to know if the privacy policy has been changed or not. That said, the privacy policy is almost unchanged, unless there is a change from Downtik.

You agree to the privacy policy at Downtik

When you have conducted TikTok video downloader at, you have fully agreed to the privacy policy here. If you do not agree with the policy, you will not be able to use Downtik’s services.

Therefore, when there are any complaints later, DownTik is not responsible. By using the service here, you fully agree to the policies that DownTik offers.

These are the policies that you must understand when using DownTik to download TikTok tanpa watermark videos. It can be seen that the policy in this app is the same as elsewhere. When your information will be obtained in many ways. As well as your information will also be the best security DownTik. However, is the sole party to decide the policy, so when using the service here. Then you must comply with the policies here.

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