What is IDM? The fastest way to download internet download manager

IDM is one of the leading video download speed increase software today. In this article, Downtik.com will introduce this software in detail to you. As well as instructions on how to download the internet download manager is fastest. 

What is IDM?

Internet download manager or IDM for short is a tool that manages the documents that you download. This is the most used document download software in the world. Because it has the following advantages:

  • This software is compatible with many different browsers, from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,….browsers.
  • The download speed of IDM is also many times faster than other other software available on the market
  • This software can also automatically link files that you can download to your device 
  • If the download is interrupted it will immediately restore the active
  • IDM automatic virus scanning to limit the risk and improve the security of your downloads.
  • Usage of this application is also extremely easy, so those who are not very tech-savvy can still can use
  • Internet download manager s can also filter out the entire website or a part of a website
  • This software can also make a plan, making it easier for you to download software
  • IDM also supports users with many servers such as FTP, Microsoft ISA, ..
  • You can use this software to download multiple files at the same time without fear of affecting anything
  • This software also supports you a lot of different languages
  • interface of this software is fairly simple, beautiful as well as the user can customize according your interests
  • Whenever session The new IDM version will immediately update you, the update time is also extremely fast
  • This software also does not limit the files that users download.

Internet Download Manager is a download manager

It is with these great advantages that IDM has become the most used online download software today. If you also want to use this application but do not know how to download the application, continue reading this article. Because we will guide you in the most detailed and complete right below.

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IDM quickly and simply

To be able to download internet download manager application, you just need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: First you will access the homepage of IDM then extract the file and download

Step 2: Next you will choose the folder with the exe extension to extract and install

Step 3: Then you will choose language is Vietnamese then click Continue

Step 4: To continue downloading, you will click on the box “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and then click Continue to automatically install the software

Step 5: After the IDM software has been installed, you will click Finish to Install

Step 6: To use this software, you will choose to go to internet download manager s to open the software

Step 7: After the software is opened, Then you will choose to register and register the following information: Name, surname, phone number, Email, registration number (this is the license key that you have registered to buy from IDM) before)


This is how to download data using IDM

These are the ways that you will install the IDM application on your computer. Note that if you have not purchased a license key, you can still use this software for free within 30 days. However, once it expires, you will no longer be able to use it.

The fastest way to delete IDM

Above, Downtik has shown you the fastest and simplest way to install IDM. Then below we will show you how to delete. If you no longer want to use this application. Specifically, how to delete is as follows:

  • First you will select Control Panel Programs Uninstall a program and then remove internet download manager
  • Next you will go to Programs and Features IDM software right click on Uninstall / Change to remove Uninstall this application
  • Then in the Select Uninstall Method window, you will choose the method to remove this application. Then you will select Full methods and then click Next
  • Finally you will wait a short time for the IDM software to be completely removed.

Just follow the steps above, you can remove this application quickly and safely for your computer.

How To Increase Downloading Speed In Internet Download Manager – Downtik.com

So through this article, Downtik has shown you the fastest and easiest way to listen to IDM. As well as telling you how to safely remove the internet download manager s application on your computer. In particular, the advantages of this software are given to you in detail.

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