Instructions on how to shoot beautiful Tik Tok, trending for newbies

Tik Tok is currently an application used by many Vietnamese people. Because everyone can freely create the videos they like on this platform. If you also want to use Tik Tok to record your favorite videos in the most beautiful way. However, if you do not know how to shoot Tik Tok, in this article, will guide you in the most detail.

How to shoot Tik Tok for beginners

To be able to record the most beautiful Tik Tok video, with all the effects in the video. Then you will do the following steps:

Step 1: Select music

First, you will proceed to choose music to merge into your Tik Tok video. How to choose music is also quite simple, just follow the steps below:

  • First you will access the Tik Tok application and then press the plus sign in the middle of the screen. Now your phone screen will switch to movie mode.

Tap the video recording icon

  • Next you will select Select sound and then select the track you want want to incorporate in your video. When finished, you will click on the green checkmark to record a video
  • You can then choose when the music will start, by tapping Cut and then dragging the screen to the right until the point where you want the track to start
  • Finally, you should see a time to start recording and you Just select the green checkmark to save the changes.

How I Create High Quality Tik Toks –

Step 2: Start recording

Next in how to shoot Tik Tok is that you will start recording a video. The way to shoot is also quite simple, just point the phone to the position where you need to shoot. If you want to change the camera to the front, just press Flip.

When you’ve finished recording and want to pause, just click on the red record button. In addition, you also have other modes such as:

  • Schedule: Click the timer icon on the right corner of the screen , usually it will take 3 to 10 seconds. You just need to schedule the recording time you like and press Start Countdown
  • Beauty effect: In the way of filming Tik Tok, most people choose this effect. Because it helps the people in the video become more beautiful. When you can choose to increase brightness, makeup, smoother skin,..
  • Color Filters: You will click on Filters located on the right side of the interface screen and then select the color filter you want. To switch between filters, just press switch
  • Effect: You will click on the effect, to choose for the face in the frame. You can choose a mask or follow any theme you like
  • Speed ​​control: This is the effect you would use if like want to change video speed. You can increase or decrease the video speed as you like.
  • Delete clip: If after adding effects you don’t see the video was as expected. So if you want to delete the clip to return, you will press the X in the left corner of the screen and then select Start again. If you don’t want to record a video anymore, you can press the X and select Cancel.

Effects that you can choose

Step 3: Edit

If you want to edit the video you’ve already shot. You can edit the following:

  • Choose another song for the video: How to shoot Tik Tok, choosing a song Other songs are quite simple. When you just need to select the sound icon and then select the song you like. To replace the song in the video is done.
  • Audio Adjustment: If you want to increase/decrease audio for video , you just need to tap Sound. Next, you will select the Volume section and then drag the sound to be as loud or low as you want
  • Add filter: If you see a filter in Tik Tok you don’t like suitable for your video. You can tap the three filter icons to replace your filter here
  • Add a special effect: You can tap the Clock icon effects and then add the special icon you want to the video
  • Add a sticker: When recording a Tik Tok video, you can also refer to it super simple stickers or text. By clicking on Text then entering the text you like or clicking on Stickers to choose the stretch you like

Step 4: Upload video

Finally in how to shoot Tik Tok, you will proceed to upload the video you just recorded. To upload is also quite simple, just do the following:

  • When the video is done, you’ll tap Next and add a hashtag and description description
  • Finally you will choose private mode for the video and then press Post as Your video will be posted on Tik Tok.

Upload videos to Tik Tok

Through this article, Down Tik has shown you how to record Tik Tok in the most detailed and complete way. But when applied, you will definitely be able to record a very simple Tik Tok video for yourself. Hope you can shoot the best Tik Tok video yourself when you finish this article.

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