Instructions on how to rename special characters TikTok simplest

If you want to rename your TikTok, but do not know how to read the article below. Because will guide you on how to change your name on TikTok quickly and simply. Allows you to change the name to whatever you want.

Instructions on how to change the name of TikTok fastest Quick

guide to change the name of TikTok

To be able to change the name on the social network Tik Tok fastest, you will proceed as follows:

  • To change the name, you will select the Name 🡺 Enter the name new that you like in 🡺 Finally save it and you’re done.
  • To be able to change the Tik Tok ID, you will select the TikTok ID section 🡺 Enter the new TikTok ID you want 🡺 Finally you will press save and you’re done.

This is a quick way to change your name on TikTok that you can do. If you want to change your Name or Tik Tok ID easily.

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Detailed instructions on how to rename Tik Tok

With what Downtik instructed above, you still do not know how to change the name Tik Tok. Then you can review the instructions below. Because we will guide in detail for reference. Specifically as follows:

Step 1: First you will access Tik Tok on your phone. Then select the Me section and then select Edit Profile


Rename Tik Tok

Step 2: Next you will click on the TikTok ID section and then enter the new TikTok ID you want to change to. If the back is displayed in blue, it means you can change it and you just need to click Save and you’re done. Otherwise, if the display is red, then you have to choose another name.

When changing your TikTok ID, you must note the following:

  • You must set a TikTok ID that does not overlap with any other accounts. Because this is the ID so that Tik Tok can identify each person’s account,
  • TikTok ID must not contain special characters, except for dots and underscores. So in the way of renaming TikTok with special characters, you have to use another trick.
  • If you enter your TikTok ID, and there is a red X behind it, it means that this ID has been duplicated. Therefore you must choose a TikTok new ID or can be set according to hints
  • If you put TikTok new ID are green in the back, it means you can use this name
  • when you change TikTok ID, the dossier Your account will also be changed according to

Step 2: Once you have successfully changed your TikTok ID, you will now proceed to change your username. Specifically, you will select the Name section 🡺 You will enter a new username you like in 🡺 Finally, you will select Save and you’re done.

When changing your name on TikTok, you should also note the following:

  • You should choose your real name or if you have another name, leave the brand behind. So people can recognize you more easily
  • According to the provisions of Tik Tok user name only has a maximum of 30 characters including letters, numbers, and special characters. So you can’t make the name longer than this allowed number of characters.

Above are the steps that you must take if you want to change the name on your Tik Tok account. Just do exactly what instructs you to change the name of any account.

How to rename TikTok special characters

Currently, usernames on Tik Tok do not ban special characters like Tik Tok ID. So you can change names with extremely special characters. This makes it possible for you to create a highlight right on your Tik Tok name. 


You can rename Tik Tok with special characters

To be able to create a Tik Tok name with special characters, you can use many different ways. But the way most people use it is to visit Because here there are many special characters for you to choose from. In particular, this site also helps you download TikTok videos with extremely high quality.

Benefits of renaming TikTok

When you change your name on TikTok, you will receive a lot of different benefits. In which the best benefits are listed as:

  • You can create a new, unique and only name for yourself
  • You can change it to your previous brand so that people can easily recognize you more
  • You can also create your brand right on the social network Tik Tok
  • Helps you not to have the same name as other people or your impersonation accounts.

Through this article, has shown how to rename TikTok special characters as well as change Tik Tok ID quickly and simply. But just do exactly what we instruct you to change the name of any account you want.

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