Instructions on how to record slow-motion TikTok videos on the most beautiful phones

Currently, TikTok slow-motion videos are a pretty popular trend. If you also want to record slow-motion TikTok videos but don’t know-how. Then do not ignore this article, because we will guide you in the most complete and detailed way.

Instructions for recording TikTok slow-motion videos on Capcut

How to shoot TikTok slow motion fast

To be able to record a Tik Tok video in slow motion is also quite simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • First, you will open the Capcut application and then select Slow motion
  • Next, you will choose a slow-motion style that you like and then select a video you want to record in this style
  • Then you will review the slow-motion effect on your video, if you’re satisfied, click Export. If you are not satisfied, you can choose another slow-motion effect.
  • Finally, you can save this video on your device or you can post it to Tik Tok immediately.

HOW TO Add the Slow-Mo Effect in TikTok – Down Tik

How to record detailed slow-motion TikTok videos

If with the quick instructions above, you still do not know how to record slow-motion TikTok videos. Then right below we will guide you in detail. To make it easier for you to understand and follow. Specifically as follows:

  • Step 1: First, you will open the Capcut application on your device. If you do not have this application, you can download it now. The way to download is also quite simple and the time is quite fast.
  • Step 2: When you open this application, you will choose the Slow-motion item that you like

You will choose the Slow-motion

  • Step 3: Next, you will click use template and then select a video you like to have a slow-motion effect and click preview
  • Step 4: If you find the video beautiful, then press Export. On the contrary, if you see the video effect is not beautiful. You can try other slow-motion effects because on Capcut there are many different effects for you to choose from.
  • Step 5: Finally, you can save your video on your device or you can immediately upload it to your Tik Tok account.

Instructions on how to record slow-motion TikTok videos right on the application

In addition to being able to record slow-motion TikTok videos on the Capcut application. You can also record videos with this effect right on the Tik Tok application. Specifically, do the following:

  • Step 1: First you will open the Tik Tok application and then select the plus icon and then select the video you want to have the slow-motion effect

Slow-motion effect on Tik Tok

  • Step 2: Next you will select the speed icon video level. On TikTok, you can choose 0.3x, 0.5x if you want to slow down, and if you want to shoot fast, choose 3x, 5x
  • Step 3: Then you will let the video be recorded normally, if it is too fast, you can reduce it If the speed is too fast, you will increase the speed
  • Step 4: At Tik Tok, you can also insert a lot of effects into your video, from text, music, etc.
  • Step 5: When you have finished recording, you just need to press Post to be able to post a video with slow-motion effects that I just made.

Benefits of taking slow-motion TikTok videos

When you follow this Tik Tok trend, you will receive a lot of different benefits. Specifically:

  • You can create any slow-motion video that you like.
  • Catch the trend of Tik Tok and attract more viewers
  • You can not only post this video on Tik Tok but also can be posted on other social networks.

How to download slow motion TikTok videos to the best quality

When surfing Tik Tok you see there is a beautiful slow-motion trending video. So you want to download that video to your device. However, I don’t know how to download this video so that the video still retains the same quality as the original. Then visit, because this is the application that helps you download Tik Tok videos quickly and with the best quality.

To download a Tik Tok video with DownTik is also quite simple, just follow these steps:

  • First, you will open Tik Tok and then copy the link associated with the video you want to download
  • Then you access the DownTik website .com
  • Next, you will paste the link you just copied into the wall of this website.
  • Finally, you just need to click Download to download the video.

When downloading Tik Tok videos from DownTik, the video quality will remain the same as the original, from sound, images to effects. Only the logo will be deleted automatically which is quite convenient for the downloader.

After reading this article, you probably know how to record slow-motion Tik Tok videos with the best effects. In addition, you also know the DownTik application, where you can easily download trending Tik Tok videos to your device. Hope you will find useful information after reading this article.

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