How to make videos with beautiful Tik Tok photos is extremely simple

Tik Tok is currently a leading video-sharing platform in the world today. That’s why you can make extremely beautiful videos with just Tik Tok photos. So how can you use TikTok images to make videos? All will be in our article below.

How to make a video with the most beautiful Tik Tok image

Currently, making a video with TikTok images is quite simple. Just need to do the following steps:

Step 1: First you will access the Tik Tok application on your phone

Step 2: Next you will click on the MV item to proceed to create a video with Tik Tok images

Step 3: In this section, you can choose a lot of effects for your pictures. However, to make a single photo video, you will select the video with the text Select 1 Photo and then click Create Now

Step 4: Select the image you want to create your video and click OK

Step 5: Now you will see My phone screen displays the image editing interface. And your job is to add text, effects, and sound to the most vivid and beautiful. When you have finished editing, you will click Next

Step 7: Now you have finished creating a video with the beautiful TikTok image you want. Finally, you just need to set up, describe and proceed to Post to share the video you just created on Tik Tok. 


You can make Tik Tok video with 1 phot

In addition, if you want to download the TikTok tanpa watermark video you just created. Then you can visit Because this is a website to download Tik Tok videos without watermark with extremely high quality and fast.

How to make a video with many beautiful Tik Tok images I like

Above we have shown you how to make a video with a TikTok image. Then next in the article, we will also show you how to make a Tik Tok video with many different images. Specifically, as follows:

Step 1: First you will also open Tik Tok then select the plus sign image to create your video

Step 2: Next you will select the MV section to initialize the video as well as select the images you want to combine into a video

Step 3: In this step, you will select the Create Now item, then select up to 10 images to create the video you want, and then click OK. Note that if you want a beautiful TikTok image first, choose first

Step 4: Here you can choose tools to insert music, effects, stickers to make your video beautiful. Eye-catching and attractive

Step 5: After completing the process of creating Tik Tok videos with the images you want. Then please upload that video on your Tik Tok channel.

how to make videos with beautiful Tik Tok photos

You can make Tik Tok videos with many photos

Why you should create a video with Tik Tok images

Currently, there is much software for you to create a video and post it on Tik Tok. However, creating directly on this is still the way that many people choose. Because of the following main reasons:

  • The way to create is quite simple and easy that anyone can do.
  • There are many functions to make the video more beautiful such as inserting effects, inserting music, stickers, etc.
  • You can create a video and then post it directly. Always upload to your Tik Tok channel, this saves a lot of time.
  • You can easily upload beautiful TikTok images in a fairly quick time to create videos.

How to make a Tik Tok using photos – Down Tik

Where is the best place to find ideas for making videos with images of Tik Tok

If you are a beginner to practice creating Tik Tok videos with images. So there are not many ideas to create good videos. Then you can refer to the following resources, to get ideas to help create the most engaging videos.

Check out the trends on Tik Tok

You can go to the Explore section on Tik Tok to find ideas. Because there are a lot of trending videos here. And most of these videos are quite liked by many people. So you can learn from the video made here quite reasonably.

Reference on App Douyin

Douyin is the original application of Tik Tok in the Chinese market. At this App, there are extremely good videos that you can learn from. Currently, most Vietnamese Tiktokers have also learned from making videos on this original application.

Refer on youtube

Youtube is also the largest video-sharing application in the world today. So you can learn how to make videos on this app quite well. Especially trending videos are a source of ideas that you can learn from.

Through this article, we have shown you how to create videos with the best Tik Tok images. As well as sharing sources of ideas that you must not pass up. Hopefully, through this article, you will create the best quality videos.

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