Instructions on how to make TikTok transform simple and easy to understand

Currently, the transformation trend is extremely hot on Tik Tok. If you also want to record videos following this trend. However, it is not known how to make TikTok transform. Then do not skip this article, because they will guide you in the most detail.

How to make a simple TikTok transform video

To be able to make trending videos on Tik Tok, you will follow these steps:

Step 1: Preparation

First, to make a video following this trend, you must be prepared. got yourself 2 videos. In which 1 video is when you do not know the image and 1 video is when you have completed the transformation process. In addition, in these two videos, there must be a mirror cleaning effect to be compatible with each other.

Step 2: Crop and edit videos

Next, you have to edit the video to the most standard size on Tik Tok. In addition you have to make the first video and the second video together to form a complete video. If you want to adjust the speed, just click on the Speed ​​item and adjust it.


You will edit the video

Step 3: Add music to the video

In the way of making TikTok transform, the merging of music into the video is extremely important. Because it will make the video come alive and attract viewers more. You should choose music that matches the transformation theme you shoot.


You will proceed to merge music into the video

Step 4: Merge 2 videos together

Finally, you just need to proceed to combine 2 videos together so that it becomes a single video. Then you will upload it to your Tik Tok channel and you’re done. To make the video easy to trend, you can hashtag trends as well as set a topic for the video.

Tiktok smooth transitions tutorials that are easy to do –

The transformation trending on Tik Tok

Trends Above have shown you how to make TikTok transform extremely in detail. Continuing the article, will tell you the hottest transformation trends on Tik Tok today.

Transform into an Anime character

You can transform into any Anime character you like. Currently, there are many Anime enthusiasts, so this trend attracts a large number of viewers.

Moment on Tik Tok Transform

With this trend you will prepare one match to finish after time you will instantly transform instantly. You can transform into anything you want.


Trend blowing matches on Tik Tok

Hair scooped transforms

This movement is extremely suitable for those girls. When using her own hair as a support tool for transformation.

So when you finish reading this article, you already know how to make TikTok transform extremely simple. As well as know more about transformation trends that are trending on Tik Tok today.

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