How to live on TikTok has the most viewers

Currently, Tik Tok is a Livestreams platform chosen by many people. Because when Livestreams here, there will be many effects for everyone to choose from. In addition, the number of Tik Tok players in Vietnam is also quite large. Therefore, the number of viewers as well as larger. So how do live shows on TikTok get the most viewers? In the article below, DownTik will guide you in extreme detail.

How to live on TikTok?

To be able to conduct Livestreams on Tik Tok, you must meet the required conditions. Specifically, Tik Tok will require live people to have all of the following:

  • Live people must have over 1000 followers as well as be over 16 years old. To receive gifts from viewers, the live person must be over 18 years old
  • For Chinese Tik Tok, the live person must have over 10000 followers
  • For European Tik Tok, the live person must have at least 1000 followers to have Can Livestream.

Therefore, if your account does not display select Life when recording a video. Then the possibility that your account is less than 1000 followers or is not over 16 years old. However, below we will also show you how to Livestreams when eligible and not eligible. So that you can apply for your account in the best way.

How To Get More Views on TikTok in 2022 – DownTik

How to live on TikTok when eligible

If your account has over 1000 followers as well as over 16 years old. Then you will conduct Livestreams as follows:

  • Step 1: First, you will open the Tik Tok application on your phone then click the Plus sign to switch to video recording mode
  • Step 2: Next, you will click Live then name your Livestream video
  • Step 3: Then you will click Go Live to conduct Livestreams on your Tik Tok account.

Here are the live on the eligible account

Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to Livestreams easily in any eligible account.

How to live on TikTok when not eligible

If your Tik Tok account is not yet 1000 followers or is not over 16 years old. Then you can also circumvent the law to Livestreams. Specifically, you will do the following:

  • Step 1: First, you will open the Tik Tok application then click on the 3 dots in the right corner of the screen
  • Step 2: Next, you will proceed to select Report a problem and then click Live
  • Step 3: Then you will click Watch Live and then click More Still having problems
  • Step 4: Now you will go to the Report section and ask Tik Tok to open the Live Streams feature for you

You will report problems opening Live with Tik Tok

  • Step 5: Finally, you will have to wait for Tik Tok to open the Livestreams function for you, the time is usually a few days
  • Step 6: If Tik Tok opens the Livestream feature, you just need to Live like the way we guide above. And if your account is not open to the Live feature, then you have to wait until you are eligible to be able to live.

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How to live on TikTok with the most viewers

If you often live on TikTok, but you don’t get many viewers. So if you want to improve this, then continue reading the article. Because we will share our experiences to help you live with more viewers. Specifically:

Choosing a reasonable live time

Time is also a factor that greatly affects the number of viewers when live on Tik Tok. Specifically, you should choose the times when many people often choose to surf Tik Tok. For example, the period from 8 to 10 pm is the time when most people play Tik Tok.

Therefore, you should also live at this time. Thus, the number of your live viewers will also be greatly improved. You should also not live at times when few people surf Tik Tok. Because when you go live at that time, there will be very few people watching your life.

Should live with celebrities

How to live on TikTok have the most viewers? Then there is one way that you must know that is to live with famous people. In the Tik Tok application, there is a function of Livestreams between 2 people. So you can contact famous and influential people on Tik Tok.

That way the number of people who watch the celebrities live will also watch your life. This way you can increase the number of viewers a lot. This is also how people who do not have many names get live views from famous tiktokers.

Create engaging content

To attract a higher number of your live viewers, you should also prepare engaging video content. Specifically, talking in a humorous, funny way or discussing a certain issue. This will attract a large number of live viewers.

Especially if you are a beautiful female friend, then you can dress up in a sexy dress. Surely your number of live followers will skyrocket. Because most people who watch Livestream on Tik Tok mainly watch girls, they don’t care about the content very much.

Pulling views from other social networks

How to live on TikTok gets many viewers, you can pull from other social networks. For example on Facebook, Instagram,.. you have a lot of followers. Then you can leave a link to Livestreams on these social networks so that your favorite people can go to Tik Tok to watch.

Describe the video properly

To increase the number of people watching the video, you must describe the video accurately, add the hashtags that are trending today. So your Livestreams video will appear to more people. And the more people appear, the number of your live viewers will also be increased quite a lot.

When adding hashtags for live videos, you should also add keywords such as trends, hot trends in the current time. To make it easier for videos to get to the top of trends.

Through this article, DownTik has shown you the easiest way to live on TikTok. Which guide you both the case is qualified and not yet qualified. Plus, we’ve shared tips to help you live get more viewers. Hopefully, when reading this article, you will live with the most viewers.

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