How to increase Tik Tok followers fast and easy that anyone can do

If you want to increase your Tik Tok followers, but don’t know how to do it. Then absolutely do not ignore this article of DownTik. Because we will show you the fastest and easiest ways to increase followers in your Tik Tok account. But just apply, your Tik Tok account will get a lot more followers.

How to increase free Tik Tok followers

Public Tik Tok account to public

In order for your Tik Tok account to receive more followers, you must first set it to Public. Because now many people leave their Tik Tok account Private in Private mode. Because of this, not many people can find your account.


You should switch your account to Public

To be able to Publicize your Tik Tok account is quite simple, just follow these steps:

  • First, you will proceed to open the Tik Tok application 
  • Next, you will click on the 3 dots and then press Me
  • Then you will go to the Privacy Management section and turn off the Private Account.

How to increase tiktok followers – Down Tik

Transfer Tik Tok account to Pro

The next way to increase TikTok followers that you should also use is to switch accounts to Pro. Because when you switch to your Tik Tok Pro account, you will receive a lot more interaction and follow. 

Pro accounts are often prioritized by Tik Tok over normal accounts. As a result, videos posted on these accounts also show up in more places. This is a way to increase the number of natural followers for your Tik Tok account.

To switch from a normal Tik Tok account to a Pro is also quite simple. When you just need to do the following steps:

  • First, you will go to the Tik Tok application and then select the 3 dots and go to Me
  • Next, you will select the Account Management section
  • Finally, you just need to click Switch to Pro Account done.

Optimizing your profile

One way for you to increase the number of followers on your Tik Tok account is to optimize your profile. Because accounts with optimized personal profiles will be appreciated by Tik Tok. Thus, the videos on this account will also be easier to trend.

In the personal account section, you will optimize the introduction of yourself, background image, name, avatar image. In which the avatar image is the thing that you need to pay attention to the most. Because when they follow someone, people usually look at that person’s avatar first.

That’s why you should choose beautiful, sharp avatars. So that people can recognize you better and it will be easier to follow your account.

Create videos to increase TikTok followers

Currently, Tik Tok is one of the world’s leading video-sharing platforms today. Therefore, good videos with creative content are likely to trend very high. When you are trending, your account will be known more. Thus, the number of followers of your video also increases quite a lot.

There are many ways you can make a trending video. In which the most effective ways are to mention such as:

  • Making beautiful and creative videos that no one has done before
  • Making trending videos that are hot on Tik Tok
  • Making shocking-themed videos, easy to make others notice ideas.

Use hashtags to make videos trending

As Down Tik mentioned above, when your videos are trending, your account will get a lot more followers. And one of the ways to make your video easy to trend Tik Tok is to add hashtags to the description of the video.


Let’s make creative videos

When adding a hashtag, you should also add it to the content of the video as well as the hottest events in recent times. Thus, using hashtags to increase TikTok followers for your account also becomes a lot easier.

How to increase TikTok followers by posting foreign videos

There is a trick that you must know if you want your Tik Tok account to receive more followers. That is, to post good videos from abroad, specifically the Chinese Tik Tok. Because many Vietnamese Tik Tok accounts have posted videos from Chinese Tik Tok and received a huge number of followers.

To be able to do this, you will first download the Chinese Tik Tok application to your device. Then find interesting and unique videos on this application and download them to your device. To download Tik Tok videos to your device is quite simple. All you need to do is visit Because this is a website that helps you download the best quality Chinese Tik Tok videos, especially the logo will be deleted. So no one will know where you got this Tik Tok video from.

To download Tik Tok videos on DownTik, you will do the following:

  • First, you will go to the Chinese Tik Tok video you want to download and copy the link link
  • Then you will access the website and paste the link to the wall that
  • Next, You click download and upload it to succeed.

When you download a Chinese Tik Tok video, you will proceed to post that video on your Tik Tok channel. Sure, if the video is good, unique, and strange. Then your account will increase TikTok followers extremely fast and can be trending.

How to increase TikTok followers by interacting with viewers

If you post a certain video on your Tik Tok channel, remember to interact a lot with the video viewers. That way people watching your videos will feel cared about. Thus, the possibility of these people following your account will also be higher.

In addition, when interacting with viewers on their videos, Tik Tok will also appreciate that account. So the rate of videos that are highly interactive on the trend is also quite high. So remember to regularly interact with your audience.

Regularly post videos

To increase TikTok followers fast, you should regularly upload videos to your channel. Because the more videos you post, the more people will know your channel. In addition, Tik Tok highly appreciates accounts that regularly upload videos. Therefore, your account will also reach more Tik Tok users.


You should regularly upload videos to your account

According to the experience of many longtime Tik Tok users, you should post 1 to 2 videos a day. But the quality of the video should also be invested to get more attention. Surely in just 1 month, your Tik Tok account will receive an extremely high number of followers.

How to increase TikTok followers with other social networks

If you have another social network account like Facebook, Instagram, .. have a lot of interaction. Then you can link your Tik Tok account to it. So that everyone on those social networks can follow your Tik Tok. Helps you to increase the number of followers of your account more.

How to increase paid TikTok followers

In addition to being able to increase TikTok followers for free, however, you need to focus on investing in videos as well as taking a long time. Then you can also increase the number of followers of your account in paid ways. With these ways, your account will get more followers in a short time. And you also don’t spend too much time investing in video quality. Specifically, these ways are:

Buy follow Tik Tok

The number of Tik Tok players in Vietnam is quite large now. So there are also many companies born to support services related to Tik Tok. Including selling followers on this social network to help users have a larger number of followers. 


You can buy follow

If you need a large number of followers to increase your personal or business brand, you should choose this way. However, when increasing TikTok followers by buying, you should choose the top companies and have your warranty. That is, if the number of followers decreases, then the company must take full responsibility.

Hack to increase TikTok followers 

One way for you to increase Tik Tok Fast without having to create content. That is using a hack to increase the number of followers on my Tik Tok account. Currently, there are many reputable websites to help you hack and follow Tik Tok. So you can choose a website to help you do this at the best price. 

However, unless you are in urgent need of a large number of followers, use this method. If not, you shouldn’t, because if Tik Tok detects that you are hacking, your account is at high risk of being locked.

Buy an account with many followers

This is the fastest and simplest way to increase TikTok followers today, as long as you have money. Because as long as you buy a Tik Tok account, there is a large number of followers available. Then change the name, change the user ID to yours. Then you already have a personal account with many followers without having to do anything.

Currently, there are also many places specializing in selling Tik Tok accounts with large followers. However, when buying any Tik Tok account. Then DownTik recommends buying from reputable places, not scams. Just like the company, you are responsible if your account is lost.

Through this article, DownTik has told you how to increase TikTok followers both free and paid. Depending on your conditions, you can choose the most suitable method. However, we always recommend the free option. Because you will get a real number of followers as well as your account will be known more.

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