How to hack Tik Tok to increase followers, increase heart, increase interaction is extremely simple

If you want to hack Tik Tok to increase likes, follow or interact for your account. However, it is not known how to hack safely as well as have the highest success rate. Then follow all of our articles below. Because will guide you in the most detail, so you can hack easily.

Hack Tik Tok with ADDMEFAST

ADDMEFAST is one of the leading social network hacking software today. When this software can hack many different social networks, including Tik Tok. This software has an extremely simple way of working. When you will proceed to earn points by liking other people’s accounts. Then with the number of points that you get. You can reverse hack your Tik Tok account.

To use ADDMEFAST, you would do the following:

  • First you will proceed to access ADDMEFAST and then create an account here
  • Next you will follow the instructions to accumulate numbers point

Hack Tik Tok account with ADDMEFAST

  • Finally just fill in your account information and select interactions you want to hack, like hearts, comments,…
  • Based on the number of points you get, you can hack the number respective interactions on your account.

Free TikTok Followers Hack 2021 – DownTik

Hack Tik Tok with TikTracker

TikTracker is a hacking software to increase heart on top Tik Tok today. Because this software is quite simple to use as well as quite effective. To hack to increase heart on Tik Tok with TikTracker, you just need to do the following:

  • First you will proceed to download TikTracker to your phone, TikTracker Compatible with both iOS and Android so it can be downloaded quite simply
  • Next, you access the application and enter the TikTok ID (username) ) and select “continue” (continued)

TikTracker is also a software that you should use

  • TikTracker works in cross-interaction method, i.e. you will drop Click on other people’s videos to get stars. When you have enough stars, you can use it to self-heart your account.

When using TikTracker, the more you interact with other people’s accounts, the more stars you will receive. The more stars you can increase the heart for your account accordingly.

Hack Tik Tok with FBSUB

FBSUB is also a very simple software to help you hack hearts on Tik Tok. Not only increase heart, you can also increase follow, increase view extremely simply with this software. To use FBSUB to help increase hearts, followers or views on Tik Tok, you just need to do the following:

  • First you will proceed to visit the main FBSUB website< /span>
  • Next you will select the Freer item and then click Visit

You will enter your Tik Tok account ID

  • You will then verify with the site’s code to see if it’s be a robot
  • You will continue to select the User section in the Tik Tok section and then enter the ID Tik Tok account you want to hack and click Find
  • Now you just need to select the video in your Tik Tok account want to increase hearts and select “Send + 25 hearts” ie drop 25 free hearts on that video
  • Soon FBSUB will proceed to drop hearts into Tik Tok’s video you

Although it works for free, FBSUB has a time limit. Specifically, within 10 minutes you can only drop a maximum of 25 hearts into your account. So when you’re done releasing, you need to wait another 10 minutes for the next release.

Hack Tik Tok with VIPTOOLS

VIPTOOLS is also a tool that you should use, to be able to interactively hack your Tik Tok account. To use this software, you will do the following:

  • First you will visit the VIPTOOLS website
  • Next you enter the code to make the website identify you are not human machine
  • You’ll then tap Hearts and select Use< /p>
  • Continue you will enter the Tik Tok account ID that you want to hack press Search

Tik Tok VIPTOOLS Hacking Software

  • Now you will find the video you want to hack on Tik Tok
  • Once found, press Send Hearts and wait for the hearts to be dropped into the video yours is done.

If you want to use VIPTOOLS more often and simply. Then you can download this app to your phone. Currently, VIPTOOLS has allowed installation on both iOS and Android, so you can download the application easily.

Hack Tik Tok increase heart, follow with ALLSMO

ALLSMO is currently also a heart buff tool, the view in Tik Tok videos is used by many people. Therefore, you should also use ALLSMO, if you want to increase your heart or follow your Tik Tok videos as quickly as possible.

To be able to use ALLSMO to increase heart, follow, you will follow these steps:

  • You will first enter the main ALLSMO website< /p>
  • Next you will enter the code this site requires and then press I Agree
  • Then will click Select and select the account you want to hack< /span>
  • Finally you just need to enter the Tik Tok video url link to increase free heart rate fee is done

How to hack Tik Tok without tools

If you don’t want to use the tool but still want your account to increase follow, heart, interaction. Then you should use the following 1 trick, because according to user reviews, it is quite effective. Specifically, you proceed as follows:

  • First you will open your Tik Tok application and then select the item Discover
  • Then you will select Charlidamelio
  • Finally you just need to select the accounts with the green tick and then click follow and unfollow multiple times.

When you complete the steps above, go back to your Tik Tok account. At this point, you will see that your Tik Tok account will be increased by a significant number of followers.

Advantages of using free Tik Tok hack

If you want your Tik Tok account to have many followers, hearts or interactions. However, you are not a famous or influential person. Then using hacking will bring many different benefits. Specifically:

  • Your account will have a large following, making you a should be more famous
  • You can reach a larger number of Tik Tok users , help your account get more interaction
  • You can promote your brand, image to many people people are quite simple
  • You don’t need to spend too much time, too much money to transform your assets My Tik Tok account became more viral than before.

Disadvantage of Tik Tok hack to increase followers, increase heart

Using this method, you can get a lot of advantages. But there are also the following disadvantages that you need to be aware of, which are:

  • The risk of your device being infected with a virus or malicious code will also be high. than. So you need to be careful when hacking hearts, follow on Tik Tok
  • Of course, when using heart rate, free follow, your account you won’t stay engaged for long
  • Sometimes you will be detected by Tik Tok and locked your account again. So you should not use accounts with many followers to hack.

So when you finish reading this article of DownTik, you already know the ways to hack Tik Tok to help your account increase heart, follow up more. So if you want your account to have more interaction. Then use the methods as we guide above.

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