How to find the latest TikTok trending products in 2022 is very simple

Currently Tik Tok is not merely an entertainment and video sharing social network. And if you know how to catch the latest TikTok trends, you can make a lot of money from this platform. Specifically, you will find the best-selling TikTok trends products. Then find the source of goods and get them to sell to customers in need on this very platform. So how to find trending products on Tik Tok. The article below will tell you in detail.

Ways to find the latest TikTok trending products

Currently, there are many different ways to find a best-selling product on Tik Tok. But in this article, we only show you the simplest and most effective ways. Specifically:

Watch Tik Tok regularly

Sure, to find the latest TikTok trending products, you need to use this application regularly. So you know what the best selling products are. To surf Tik Tok and find sources of goods, follow the reviewers or influential sellers.


You should surf TikTok often

Because usually, when these people recommend an item, there will be a lot of people looking to buy it. Currently, most of the products sold on Tik Tok are Chinese domestic products. So when you find TikTok trends products, you just need to save them. Then go to major Chinese sales websites like 1688 or Taobao to import goods.

Find trending TikTok products by following big shops

You can find trending products by searching on big shops, shops selling trending products. Specifically, you should choose shops with a huge number of followers. Then see which shop products are being bought the most by people by viewing the comments below.

Just like the way above, once you have found a hot product Tik Tok, you will save it. Then you can find these products on the major trading platforms of Vietnam as well as China to import and sell.

How To Find Winning Products On TikTok – DownTik

Find the products TikTok trending latest with the Douyin application

Douyin is the original application of Tik Tok in the Chinese market. So you can download this app and then find products that are trending in TikTok here. Currently, most of the hot trending products in Vietnam are sourced from China. So whenever there is a new product in China, especially in Vietnam, that product is also very popular.

Therefore, you must have the Douyin application, if you want to find the hottest and newest products for sale in the Vietnamese market. How to find hot trending products on Douyin is also quite simple. When you just need to find reputable shops, looking at the number of products sold, you can know which products are selling best.

A tip that you should also know on the Douyin application, is that you can download the TikTok video downloads above watermark-free. To run ads on Tik Tok Vietnam will be extremely convenient. If you do not know where, please visit Because this is the best quality tick tock video download site today.

The Douyin application is good in that shops will link online with stores on Taobao or 1688. So you can buy it directly here at a pretty cheap price. Then shipped to Vietnam and sold on their Tik Tok booth.

Watch livestreams 

If you want to find the latest hot trending products in TikTok, you can’t miss watching the livestream. Specifically, watching live streams of celebrities and influencers in their industry. To know what products they are selling.

how to find the latest TikTok trending products

You should also watch Celebrity Livestreams

In each of these people’s livestreams, you will see a fairly large number of views. So, check out the comments below to see which products people like the most. Then you save these products and find a place to import good prices.

Find hot trending products Tik Tok with Google Trend

If you are an online seller following TikTok trends, not knowing Google Trend is a huge omission. Because it is currently the leading market trend analysis tool according to everyone’s assessment.

Specifically, with Google Trends you can find out the best-selling products in recent times. In addition, you also know which cities are selling these products, and which age groups are the most searched. When you have this information, you can reach your target customers a lot easier.

After you have found a hot trending product, you will also find the source of goods on Chinese e-commerce sites. Because here the model is extremely diverse and the price is cheap. So when you import, you will save a lot.

Through this article, Downtik has told you how to find the latest TikTok trending products. So you can find hot trending products. Help the number of your products sold will be much more than conventional products.

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