Instructions on how to edit Tik Tok videos right on your phone are extremely simple

If you are looking to learn how to edit Tik Tok videos on your phone. However, if you do not know how to do it, do not skip this article. Because will guide you how to edit TikTok videos on your phone in the easiest way. Helps you create extremely beautiful videos with both effects and sound.

Instructions on how to edit Tik Tok videos on your phone

The quick guide to editing Tik Tok videos

To be able to edit videos in Tik Tok on your phone is also quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  • First, you will access the Tik Tok application on your phone
  • Next, you will click the plus sign below to upload the video
  • Then you will select the video you want to edit and click next
  • then you use the basic functions such as changing speed, rotating, cropping the video after the most pleasing, and clicking next
  • here you can select the tool you want to edit your videos 
  • Once After editing, you will click Next
  • Finally, you will click Post to post the video you just edited.

How to Edit a TikTok Video 2022 –

Instructions on how to edit Tik Tok videos in detail

Above, has a quick guide on how to edit TikTok videos on your phone. To have a better understanding. Then we will guide you in more detail below:

  • Step 1: You will open Tik Tok on your phone and then click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to upload the video
  • Step 2: Then you will select the video you want to upload. want to edit and then click Next
  • Step 3: Here you can trim the video, rotate the video, or change the playback speed of the video according to your preferences and then click Next
  • Step 4: In this step, you can choose the video editing tool that you like, specifically those tools are: Filters, voice effects, voiceovers, sounds, text, effects, stickers. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the tool you like. When you have finished editing, you will choose Next
  • Step 5: Next you can add a description for the video as well as add hashtags, tag friends in
  • Step 6: Finally you will click Post to upload the video you just edited to Tik Tok.

Above is how to edit Tik Tok videos right on your phone. However, most of the tools you use are provided by Tik Tok. So the effect of the video will not be very good. 

Because of this, Downtik will share with you Tik Tok video editing apps on your phone. You can download tick tock videos without watermark and logo at Downtik. Then editing, making these videos more beautiful is quite easy. Specifically what these apps are, please continue reading our article right here.

How to edit Tik Tok videos with an app on your phone

Currently, there are many Tik Tok video editing apps that you can use. However, we only share with you the apps that have the most functions and are easiest to use. Helping you to edit the best quality videos.


Capcut is the first TikTok video editing app that Downtik wants to introduce to you. Because this is an app that is used by many people because it is quite easy to use. As well as there are many functions to help you edit the best videos.


Capcut is a pretty good Tik Tok video editing software

With Capcut, you can edit videos while online and offline, which is extremely convenient. In addition, there are many functions for you to use such as inserting hot trend sounds, recording, cool Tik Tok trends, inserting text into clips, transforming trends, creating clips with images, etc. This will help you produce videos with extremely beautiful effects.

Video editing app Tik Tok Videoshop

Videoshop is the next video editing app on Tik Tok that we want to introduce to you. This app is quite popular. Because it is suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems as well as other technology platforms.

With Videoshop, you can edit videos by adding sound effects, such as animal sounds, adding music, subtitles, adjusting video speed, clapping, explosions,… Plus you can add filters and transition effects, cut parts from videos, combine clips to perfect your videos.

When using Videoshop to share videos on Tik Tok, you can also share on many other technology platforms. Specifically like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, …. So it’s extremely convenient.

Video editing app Tik Tok Magisto

Magisto is also one of the ways to edit Tik Tok videos on phones that are used by many people. With this app, you can combine text, music, video clips, photos, and filters into your clips. This helps you to edit the best videos.


Magisto is also an app that you should use

How to use Magisto is also quite simple, with just a few drag and drop operations, you have a complete video. So anyone can use this app easily without any difficulty.


VideoShow is the most popular video editing app today. Because this is the app that everyone new to video editing uses it. However, do not think that VideoShow does not help you create beautiful, quality videos.

In contrast to VideoShow, you can edit video by blur, reverse, zoom in, merge, rotate, duplicate, split and zoom out. In addition, you can add text, filters, adjust video speed and insert voice recordings. 

Especially, VideoShow does not limit the number of videos as well as the time. So you can edit as many videos on this application as you want. Of course, the quality of all these videos is at the highest level.

Through this article, we have told you how to edit Tik Tok videos on your phone in the most detail. In addition, it also introduces the top TikTok video editing apps today. Which you can use to create videos with high quality and beautiful effects.

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