Top hottest Tik Tok pretty girls in Vietnam today

Tik Tok is an extremely large social network in Vietnam. That’s why there are always extremely beautiful Idols here. In this article, we will tell you the hottest Tik Tok pretty girls in Vietnam at the moment. So you can follow if you want to see pretty girls every day on this social network.

Pretty girl Tik Tok – Linh Barbie

Linh Barbie is one of the most famous hot Tik Tok in Vietnam today. Because of her extremely beautiful appearance and always making quality videos. It is known that Linh Barbie’s real name is Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, born in 1994 in   An Giang.


Linh Barbie

It is known that before becoming a TikToker, Linh Barbie used to play short films on Youtube. It is her extremely beautiful appearance that has made Linh Barbie attract a large number of viewers.

Since switching to Tik Tok, Linh Barbie also creates videos with pretty good content. So now, this girl’s TikTok account has nearly 17 million followers. A dream figure of any TikToker.

Pretty girl Tik Tok – Tea Dang

Tra Dang is definitely also an extremely familiar name for Vietnamese Tik Tok players. Because currently, Tra Dang’s Tik Tok account has more than 13 million followers. It is known that Tra Dang is a fairly young TikTiker, when he was only born in 1998.


Tea Dang

This for many Tra Dang followers is the cute appearance of this girl. In addition, Tra Dang also regularly shoots pretty good cosplay videos. So her videos always get millions of views on Tik Tok.

Pretty girl Tik Tok Angela Tuong Vy

Another TikToker that also looks pretty, that’s Angela Tuong Vy. It is known that this girl was born in 1995 and has a wonderful talent for making up with her feet. In addition, Angela Tuong Vy also has an impressive appearance. Therefore, it attracts an extremely large number of followers.

With her beautiful appearance as well as many talents, Angela Tuong Vy currently has nearly 1 million followers on Tik Tok. Her videos are often on the subject of makeup, so they attract a large number of female followers. 

Currently, Angela Tuong Vy is also working on a lot of new content. As well as having conversations with fans quite funny. This helps this TikToker to receive the support of many people, so the number of followers is increasing day by day.

Tik Tok beautiful girls in Vietnam

Pretty girl Tik Tok – Le Bong

Currently on Tik Tok, the name Le Bong is definitely one of the most famous people. When this hot Tik Tok account is attracting millions of followers. With an extremely beautiful appearance in addition to an extremely standard body, namely 90 – 60 – 90. Le Bong is always extremely popular in the videos that I upload to Tik Tok.

Not just a beautiful hot Tik Tok with millions of followers. Le Bong also works in many other fields such as photo model, actor, youtuber, .. In each field, Le Bong always achieves certain successes.


Le Bong

Currently, Le Bong is also encroaching on Showbiz, when regularly participating in game shows on television. As well as participating in movies with other famous actors.

Pretty girl Tik Tok – Dao Le Phuong Hoa

Dao Le Phuong Hoa is also a hot TikToker that you should know, if you want to see videos of pretty girls every day. Because this TikToker has a beautiful appearance plus an extremely standard body. So always attract a large number of viewers in my videos.

It is known that Dao Le Phuong Hoa was born in 1998, her development is not a TikToker but a dance. But when shooting dance videos posted on TikTok, there are a lot of people watching. Therefore, Dao Le Phuong Hoa also encroached on the Tik Tok page.

The videos on the Tik Tok channel of Dao Le Phuong Hoa are mostly dances with extremely beautiful and hot choreography. In addition there are videos “sexy dance” rdquo; extremely attractive that surely no man would not like.

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The above are the hottest Tik Tok beautiful girls in Vietnam today. So if you want to regularly watch videos of pretty girls on Tik Tok, remember to follow these people. In addition, you also know the ways to download beautiful girl videos to your device quickly and with the best quality.

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