Why are you not eligible to join TikTok and how to fix it

If you log in or register for a new Tik Tok, it shows you are not eligible to join TikTok. However, you don’t know why, so you want to find the answer. Then read this article to the end, because DownTik will explain it to you in the most detail. In addition, we also share with you the fastest way to fix it.

Why not be eligible to join TikTok?

This is quite a common case with Tik Tok users. Specifically, there are many people when logging into their Tik Tok account. However, Tik Tok was forced to re-enter the registered date of birth when creating an account. And many people often do not remember, so enter the great. Immediately after that appeared the words “Sorry, it looks like you are not eligible to join Tiktok… But thank you for coming to us”.

Then this is the case where Tik Tok suspects someone has logged into your Tik Tok account. So I want to authenticate the account to help the account have higher security. If you enter the exact date of birth, you can continue to use it as usual. If you cannot enter correctly, then your account will not be able to log in. 

How to Fix “You’re Not Eligible For Tiktok” Error – Downtik.com

How to solve when not eligible to join TikTok at the login

If you fall into this situation and enter your date of birth incorrectly. Then you can fix it in the following ways:

Reinstall the application

The first way that you can use it is to reinstall the Tik Tok application. Specifically, you will proceed to delete the Tik Tok application on your phone. Then proceed to download this application again and then log in to your account.

When logging into the new application, however, the screen still shows “Sorry, it seems you are not eligible to join Tiktok…But thanks for coming to us”. Then your problem is not solved yet. However, do not worry, because DownTik will guide you in other ways.

Proceed to change account information

This way you will also open the Tik Tok application but do not log in anymore. Instead, you will click on the question mark icon in the right corner of the screen. When a new screen appears, you will click Sign In. Your screen will now display information such as email/TikTok ID, phone number.


You can restore your Tik Tok account

Now to recover your account, you will enter your account phone number or email and then click Next. After that, an OTP code will be sent to your email or phone number and you just need to enter it. Once entered correctly, your account will be restored and you can use it easily.

How to solve when you are not eligible to join TikTok at registration

In addition to not being able to log in, sometimes you will not be eligible during account registration. That’s why we will guide you on the best way to register. You just need to apply to be able to create a new account. Specifically:

Step 1: First you will open Tik Tok and then choose to register an account by email or phone number

Step 2: Then the OTP code will be sent to your phone number or email and you will enter this code in. As well as fill in the information that Tik Tok requires.


OTP code will be sent to you when you register your account

If you are not eligible to join TikTok during account registration. Then it can be solved by the following:

  • First, you will proceed to remove the Tik Tok application on your phone
  • Next, you will download the new Tik Tok application
  • Then you will proceed to register again but in 1 Different way. For example, last time you registered with a phone number, this time you will register by email.
  • To avoid being ineligible to register, remember to choose the date of birth over 18 years old as well as remember it correctly.

If you apply all of our instructions above but still can’t solve it. Then chances are you will have to change to a new device. Because there is a high possibility that your device is having problems with the application. 

Through this article, DownTik has told you why you are not eligible to join TikTok during login and registration. In addition, it also provides you with detailed instructions on how to solve it. So that you can apply and solve this problem as quickly as possible.

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