Instructions on how to draw cute Tik Tok pictures simple anyone can do

If you are surfing Tik Tok and you see the pictures are quite cute. So I want to know how to draw those cute Tik Tok pictures. Then this is the article you should check out. Because we will guide you to draw cute pictures – Tik Tok simple and extremely detailed. And when applied, you can draw the shapes you like most easily.

What is cute Tik Tok image?

Cute pictures on Tik Tok are simply images that have a youthful, attractive or funny appearance. This figure has the feature that the head ratio will be changed quite a lot based on the age of the subject. But when you look at it, you will have a feeling that the image is quite attractive.

Currently on Tik Tok, these images attract a lot of viewers, mostly women. Because these people often like the cuteness in the pictures they want. So how can you draw such pictures? Below we will tell you the details.

How to Draw a Tik Tok Cute –

The easiest way to draw cute Tik Tok pictures

Currently to help you draw the cutest images on Tik Tok by yourself. Downtik will guide you to draw both objects and people. Specifically as follows:

How to draw cute Tik Tok like ice cream

The first thing we teach you to draw is an ice cream. Because almost everyone has seen and enjoyed this dish. To be able to draw an ice cream in a cute direction, you will follow these steps:

Step 1: Sketch the shape of the ice cream

First you will proceed to sketch the shape of an ice cream. To sketch is also quite simple, just you need to remember the image of the ice cream like. Then draw its outer shape seamlessly from start to finish.

Step 2: Draw additional details

Next you will add some details to the outer shape of the ice cream. For example, we are showing you how to draw ice cream cones  then you can add a spiral or draw a curve to make another small ice cream,…

Step 3: Draw a face for the ice cream

This is the most important part, because it is the soul of the photo. Then you have to draw the face of the ice cream so that it creates the cutest. Like our image below, for example, you can see the pretty glittery eyes plus lots of lovely details.

Step 4: Color the ice cream

Finally, you just need to color the ice cream you just finished drawing. Of course, to make the ice cream cute, you must choose fresh colors. As you can see, we chose pink for the ice cream. To make the ice cream extremely cute in the eyes of viewers.


The process of drawing a cute ice cream

How to draw a cute Tik Tok like a human

The next way to draw cute pictures that we want to introduce to you is drawing people. To draw a person in a cute style. You would do the following:

Step 1: Sketch a human face

First, you will proceed to sketch the human face you want. Then you can draw a circle, square, triangle, .. depending on your preferences. As in the image below, we made the human face in the shape of a mushroom to make it cuter.

Step 2: Add face details

Next, you will proceed to add details on the face. For example eyes, nose, ears, mouth,… Of course, these details must be compatible with the aspect ratio. Plus, you can also sketch them to make them look cutest.

Step 3: Add more details

Then to draw a cute Tik Tok image in the form of a human face, you will add other details. For example here can be legs, arms, eyebrows,.. How should you draw to make your photo perfect.

Step 4: Colorize the image

Finally, you just need to proceed to color the image that you just finished drawing. You should also choose youthful, fresh colors to make your image somewhat cuter. Do not choose colors that are too dark. This will make your photos no longer funny and cute.


Cute face drawing process

So through this article, we have shown you how to draw cute Tik Tok pictures in the most detail. But when applied, you will surely draw a cute and simple figure from object to person. Hopefully after reading this article, you can draw cute pictures yourself to post on Tik Tok easily.

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