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If you want to shoot cool Tik Tok videos but don’t know how. Then this is the article that you should check out. Because will show you how to make a cool video to get the most views on Tik Tok.

How to edit cool Tik Tok videos

First to be able to edit a cool Tik Tok video, you must choose an appropriate application. Currently Capcut is the most used video editing application. Therefore, DownTik will also guide you to create Tik Tok videos with cool content using this application. Specifically as follows:

Step 1: Download Capcut application to your device

First you will proceed to download the Capcut application to your phone. How to download is also quite simple, just go to the application store and download as usual and then install it. If you already have it, you don’t need to download it anymore.


You will proceed to download Capcut to your device

Step 2: Upload video

Next you will open the Capcut application and then upload the video. Downloading is also quite simple, just click on the Plus icon in New Project. You will then select the video you want to upload by clicking Add. You can also tap the dash between 2 videos to add a transition. In the transition you can choose the effect and speed according to your preference.


You will upload the video you want

Step 3: Edit video

To edit cool Tik Tok videos with Capcut, you can use a lot of different functions. Specifically:

  • You can insert Audio by Click Add Audio 🡺 Sounds Select the music you want to insert into the video
  • You can add text using how to select Text Add Text Enter the content you want to insert into the video
  • You can select Stickers by clicking on Stickers Select the Stickers you want to insert in the video
  • You can insert effects video by clicking Add 🡺 Effects 🡺 Select the effect you want to insert in the video and then click the green checkmark icon and you’re done

You will add effects to the video

Step 4: Publish

Finally when you have finished editing the video, you can publish the video you just made. Now you can access Tik Tok and post the video and you’re done.

Other cool Tik Tok video editing software

Besides Cupcut, you can edit your Tik Tok video with a lot of other software. Among them, the software that users appreciate the most are:

  • Videoshop: This is software that helps you edit Tik Tok videos extremely simple period. In addition, there are many other effects that you can insert into the video. Make the video more vivid and attractive
  • Magisto: This software helps you to combine multiple videos, images photos together easily. To be able to create the most complete video
  • Videoshow: This is video editing software used a lot in Vietnam Male. Because it’s so easy to use, you can do it too. In addition, Videoshow also provides users with many different good functions
  • Vivavideo: If you are new to video editing then you should use it Vivavideo. Because the software is extremely easy to use. In addition, there are many effects for you to use.

Above, we have shown you how to edit cool Tik Tok videos with Capcut in great detail. Plus, you know a lot of other software that makes editing TikTok videos easier.

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