If you have problems using Downtik to download TikTok videos, you can contact customer service immediately to solve. If you do not know how to contact, then read this article to the end. Because we will share the fastest and easiest ways to contact Downtik.


Contact At DownTik

How to contact Downtik

Whatever is a leading site for downloading tick tock videos online. However, sometimes users still encounter problems at this site. If you are also among these, do not worry, because you just need to contact Downtik and it will be resolved immediately. Currently, you can with by the following methods:

  • Contact Downtik via Email: If your account has any problem or you can’t download TikTok tanpa watermark video. Then you can contact Downtik through the Email of this website. Sending Email is also quite simple because right at the website you will see Email immediately. Then you proceed to send an email and state your problems and you’re done.
  • Contact Downtik via chatbox: At Downtik’s website you will also find a live chat box section. Then this is the place for you to contact this site immediately. Because you just press start and then chat with the staff here to solve your problem.
  • Contact Downtik through social networks: Currently, most people use social networks, so Downtik also has its website. Help people can contact this website most simply. This is also a form that you can use if desired.
  • Contact Downtik via phone number: If you have a problem that needs urgent resolution. For example, if you want to download the tick tock video immediately, but you can’t. Then you can contact through the website’s phone number. The phone number is also publicized by Downtik on its website. So you can easily contact and your problem will be solved immediately.

Contact us DownTik:

Address: Bonsall St, Manchester M18 6DT, United Kingdom.

Phone: +447440711039


Email: [email protected]



How does Downtik solve user problems?

Currently, Downtik is the TikTok video download site that best supports its users. So when you have any problems with both usage or account. Then banjos can contact Downtik for immediate support. Specifically:

  • At Downtik, there is a customer service department working 24/24 in all channels, from the chat box, phone service, social network,… So you can contact this website to solve your problem. The problem is always
  • answered. The customer support staff at Downtik are also extremely professional and professional, so they will support you most enthusiastically. Help you solve your problem quite quickly to be able to download the tick tock video you like quite simply.
  • Especially Downtik also supports online video calling, so you can bring up the problem you are facing. most accurate. Help the staff here to solve your problem extremely accurately.
  • Of course, when you contact the Downtik website to solve a problem, you do not have any costs. Even calling this site is completely free.

Other advantages at

In addition to its extremely fast, thoughtful, and free user support. To help people download TikTok tanpa watermark videos quickly and with the best quality. Then at this site, you also get many other benefits. Specifically, that is:

  • Downtik support for users TikTok video download extremely quality, fast and unlimited downloads 
  • At this site you can store videos you download in many different formats
  • When If you use TikTok downloader here, your information will also be extremely secure, so don’t be afraid to reveal your information outside
  • also has a fairly simple usage that anyone can use to Tik Tok download your favorite videos on
  • You can use lots of different devices, from phones, computers, laptops, … to use Downtik. In addition, this application is also compatible with many different operating systems.
  • Time for TikTok 1.3 to download at this site is also extremely fast, when just a few seconds you can download Tik Tok videos. I want
  • Especially all the watermarks or logos in the video are also deleted so that you have a video without inserting any watermark.

Through this article, we have shared with you ways to contact Downtik. If your account has any problems. Or can’t download TikTok tanpa watermark video for any reason. As you can see, there are many ways to contact this site. Plus you always get the best support from

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