Top of the most beautiful TikTok effect apps that you should use

Tik Tok is the world’s leading video-sharing social network today. Therefore, you can create videos on this social network quite simply. However, to help save more time, you can use the TikTok effect app. To be able to create the most beautiful videos, attracting the most viewers. In this article, DownTik will tell you which apps you should use.

App effects Tik Tok – Viamarker

Viamarker is one of the most-used apps for creating effects for Tik Tok videos today. Partly because this App was created by Bytedance (Tiktok publishing company). Partly because this application is quite easy to use as well as creates extremely beautiful effects.


Viamaker is the app you should use

When using Viamarker you can trim, edit, reverse or create many effects for your videos. The features of Viamarker can come such as:

  • Change speed, edit, trim videos quite simply
  • Create high effects as well as support filters for videos
  • This App has an extremely rich music store, so you can find music for your videos easily
  • you can insert many effects quite Madness, shimmering in his video
  • Viamarker has a lot of fonts, stickers to choose from.

With the above features, you should use Viamarker to be able to create videos to your liking in the most beautiful way.

App effects TikTok – Zoomerang

Zoomerang is an application that creates effects for Tik Tok videos that are also quite famous at the moment. When this application is extremely suitable for those who are just starting to practice video editing. In particular, this application also teaches you how to create your style videos very simply.

When using Zoomerang, you will get the following features:

  • This application contains a lot of photo editing tools for you to choose from
  • You can change the speed of the video to your liking
  • Zoomerang has filters and 1 stock sounds for you to choose from and combine into your Tik Tok video
  • Especially, you can also use 100 different effects here.

Zoomerang is also a free application, so you will not have to pay any money if you use it. Therefore, if you want to edit Tik Tok videos, this is an application that you must not ignore.

Best Video Editing Apps for TikTok – DownTik

App Tik Tok effects – Inshot

Continuing this article DownTik will introduce you to an extremely good Tik Tok video-making app that you should use. That is Inshot, the leading Tik Tok video editing application at the moment. Just like normal Apps, when using this App you can cut, edit, blur videos, insert music, and effects for Tik Tok videos.


Inshot for very nice effect

However, in addition to that, you can also use a lot of other functions such as:

  • You can combine multiple videos to form a complete video
  • You can split, cut extremely quality videos at This
  • application also helps you share videos to all social networks quite simply.
  • You can also insert voice into videos quite simply.
  • Inshot also gives you a convenient format for the output video.

App Tik Tok effects – Quik

Quik is also a pretty good Tik Tok video-making app that you should use. If you are looking to create an attractive Tik Tok video, attract viewers. With this application, you can select the videos in your library to combine. In addition, you can also insert text, frames, effects or make slow-motion videos quite simply.

The outstanding features of Quik can be mentioned as:

  • You can easily shoot and edit videos in a simple way
  • Quik’s interface is extremely simple so anyone can use it
  • When creating videos with Quik, you can share on many different social networks
  • This application also supports many languages ​​for you to use.

App for making Tik Tok videos – Magisto

Referring to the application of effects for Tik Tok videos, it is impossible not to mention Magisto. Because now this application is used by many people. Because it makes the video more vivid and attractive. This application can also be used on many different operating systems quite simply.

The features of Magisto can be mentioned as:

  • You can change the color of the video quite simply
  • The application is quite easy to use to customize Tik Tok videos more easily
  • Magisto also has 25 million photos and 3 million articles of music for you to freely choose to insert into the video.

Currently, Magisto provides users completely free. But if you want more functionality, you can upgrade to the $2.99/month plan.

Above are the top TikTok effect apps that you should use today. If you want to edit, cut, and add effects to the video in the best way. Help me create beautiful Tik Tok videos and attract more viewers.

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